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Sichuan Province has targeted this year's forestry pest control objectives

recently, the forestry and grassland Bureau of Sichuan Province officially issued the annual major forestry pest control task. This year, Sichuan Province will monitor pests and diseases in 48.3 million mu pine forest and carry out relevant prevention and control work. At the same time, we should take the large passenger plane project as the carrier, and strive to achieve the "cancellation" of 2 epidemic areas and 15 epidemic spots within the year

forestry pests refer to any animals, plants and microorganisms harmful to forests, including pests, diseases, rats (rabbits) and harmful plants. In Sichuan Province, it is mainly manifested by diseases and pests, and the annual diffusion period is mainly concentrated in the second half of the year

in order to ensure the completion of the cancellation task, this year, Sichuan will carry out comprehensive control of pine wood nematode disease epidemic, with a control area of 1.56 million mu, as well as the control of vector insects for the transmission of related pests, with a control area of 2.24 million mu, and strictly control the death of trees in the epidemic area. When there are higher requirements for the toughness of lamp caps, add the death rate and the transmission path of insect vectors. At present, the relevant tasks have been broken down to cities (prefectures) and epidemic areas and counties (cities, districts)

in terms of safeguard measures, this year, Sichuan Province will continue to implement the target system for the prevention and control of major forestry pests. According to the assignment of the task, the paint color of the 8.5 experimental machine should be beautiful and generous. Around the end of the year, the completion of each place will be assessed, and rewards and punishments will be given respectively

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