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Sichuan longmang, the leader of titanium dioxide, raised its price for the first time since 2015

Sichuan longmang, the largest titanium dioxide enterprise in China, announced that it would increase its titanium dioxide products by 600 yuan/ton from April 10, a range of about 5%. This is also the titanium dioxide leader 5 When adding a lot of data, enterprises raised their quotations for the first time this year. So far, the market price of titanium dioxide in China has exceeded 12000 yuan/ton

"most of the previous price increases were from domestic small and medium-sized titanium dioxide enterprises. This time, the leading enterprises raised the price and announced the formal establishment of the titanium dioxide Market in the short term." Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst at business club, said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News

according to the introduction, due to the low inventory of the industry and the arrival of the peak demand season, many titanium dioxide enterprises have transferred out the factory price since March. Among them, Shandong Dongjia and Shandong dawn took the lead in raising the price by yuan/ton. Since then, Bailian, anada, CNNC titanium dioxide, Shandong dawn, haifengxin, Jinan Yuxing, Shandong Jinhai, etc. have successively increased the price by yuan/ton, basically forming a "palace forcing" situation for leading enterprises

in addition, some international titanium dioxide manufacturers have also raised their quotations. For example, DuPont announced last month that it would raise the price of titanium dioxide by about 5% from April 15. Huntsman has raised the price of titanium dioxide by 150 euros per ton since April 1

in Yang Xun's view, this round of titanium dioxide market first originated from downstream construction. Vanadium electrolyte, diaphragm and electrode are the core materials of vanadium batteries. The Spring Festival holiday has passed, and most parts of the country have entered the resumption of construction one after another. The downstream demand has increased slightly compared with that before the holiday. At the same time, foreign trade exports have also improved. According to the statistical data provided by the General Administration of customs, in January 2015, the most common failures of China's exported titanium dioxide 4.8 old impact testing machine were as follows: 157.128 million tons, an increase of 9.52% year-on-year, an increase of 10.07% month on month compared with December 2014, of which Sichuan longmang exported nearly 12000 tons

not only that, the titanium dioxide industry norms and industrial pollutant prevention and control technology policies will be issued within the year, and the industry will accelerate the integration, which makes the industry's expectations for the continued good profitability of titanium dioxide continue to increase

"on the other hand, due to the sharp decline of the exchange rates of the euro and real against the US dollar, many exporters have encountered setbacks in exporting to the European and South American markets. At this time, the transaction is better, and the price rise is also a profit compensation for them." Yang Xun said

he believes that the titanium dioxide market may usher in a strong boost of confidence. The market increase may be between yuan/ton, and rutile titanium dioxide less than 12000 yuan/ton will be less and less

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