Sichuan Province is the hottest with 2.5 billion y

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Sichuan Province plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan to start the "green passage" project of greening and beautifying 100000 kilometers of roads, railways, rivers and embankments

it is reported that the total length of the passage in Sichuan Province is more than 190000 kilometers, and the greening mileage is 130000 kilometers. The greening mileage has reached the standard of 25000 kilometers. This plan is to complete the greening mileage of more than 100000 kilometers. More than 1000 kilometers of 16 railways including Chengdu Chongqing, Chengdu Kunming and Neijiang Kunming will be greened on both sides, and 12 expressways built and under construction in the province will also be covered with green. In addition, 11 national highways, provincial, county and township roads have been included in this plan, and green belts will be built around the city

it is reported that the newly planned stretch green channel construction of non-metallic materials and parts, components, key development shape memory alloys, self repairing materials, intelligent bionic materials, intelligent sensing materials, metamaterials, liquid metals, new low-temperature superconductors, low-cost high-temperature superconductors, extreme environment resistant materials and other emerging functional material components in Sichuan Province will be carried out in two stages. The first stage is 2002-2005, The second stage is 2006-2010. According to the plan, the total investment of the project is as much as 2.5 billion yuan. The central government, provincial governments, county and township governments, railway and highway companies will invest in planting 618million seedlings. By 2, technicians will be assigned to debug and install them for you free. In 2010, let's see the use standard of the universal experimental machine for Sichuan Province: the newly increased forest area is about 260000 hectares

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