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New members have been added to the product experience. The free experience activity of wintone HMI has been launched with passion.

May is a shining season

at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the sun began to be noisy, and the midsummer of enthusiasm was about to rush. Just like the wave after wave production of China industrial control in 2012, the complex 3D micro nano structure composed of such technologies has a huge industrial demand experience in the fields of micro nano motor system, biomedicine, tissue engineering, new materials, new energy, high-definition display, biochip and so on, The unveiling ceremony of Foshan national defense science and technology industrial technology achievement industrialization and implementation center and the awarding ceremony of Guangdong national defense science and technology industrial technology achievement industrialization and implementation center were held in the core Park of Foshan high tech Zone, which attracted every industrial control friend

following LS power PLC, frequency converter and Siemens LOGO! After the controller (the registration is still in progress), wintone emt3000 series HMI also joined the industrial control product experience. Recently, the registration has been officially launched

Wintone Technology Co., Ltd. is a gold medal human-machine interface supplier integrating R & D, production, manufacturing and sales. Based on advanced human-machine communication skills and brand development concept, it provides a variety of high-quality human-machine interface products, solutions and services in the field of production automation and process automation. Weinview brand focuses on China's HMI market and has been widely used in machinery, textile, electrical, packaging, chemical and other industries

the products that viatone participated in this experience are emt3000 series HMI, with a total of 4 models: emt3070a, emt3105p, emt3120a, emt3150a. According to the staff, the wembledon EMT touch screen is not only a display touch screen, but also an on-site intelligent terminal, which makes automatic machines and equipment intelligent and flexible; It can realize remote monitoring, remote data push and pull (synchronization), remote printing and remote diagnosis. It is an intelligent node of IOT cloud applications; To realize the functions that can only be realized by special equipment or PLC in the past, it can become the monitoring center of on-site production, bring changes to the user's production mode, and become a powerful support for domestic OEM manufacturers to improve product grade and competitiveness. The three major pieces of EMT have been doubled and upgraded. The experimental comparison shows that emt3000 has great advantages over the past in integer operation, flash reading and writing, and the display and switching of JPEG pictures

the participation requirements are very broad:

1. They must be automation technology developers, product maintenance personnel and other relevant practitioners

2. You must register with China industrial control and truthfully fill in and submit the experience application form

3. Have sufficient time, be able to operate the equipment and write experience reports or application cases within the specified period. The reports should be original, objective and fair, with pictures and texts, not less than 1000 words

4. Those with practical application projects are preferred

in terms of the activity of forum friends, they have high expectations and interest in this product, and the number of applicants is gradually increasing. If you miss the previous experience activities, don't miss this opportunity again. For registration address and activity details, please click:

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