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Product packaging and humanized design

Content abstract: the application of humanized design concept in the field of packaging makes the packaging design more humanistic, more humane, more scientific and reasonable. This paper discusses the theoretical requirements and methods of designing humanized packaging

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I. definition of humanized design

humanized design is to consider for people, integrate with people, and become the design that people want and need. The design should have a sense of intimacy, emotion, life and be conducive to the natural environment, and care for all people. It includes human design, personalized design, human culture design, green design and so on

Second, humanized packaging design is inevitable

some product packaging does not consider the rationality of its design and the principles of environmental protection, and is not designed from the perspective of rationality and environmental protection, resulting in the packaging of non-human design can be seen everywhere in daily life. For example, the packaging design of toilet paper that people use every day has not changed for decades except for the outer film decoration. Why must this roll of paper be round rather than square or something else? When pulling the roll of paper, is there a situation where the wheel roll of paper doesn't work and pulls a large section out? A dozen round rolls of paper actually produce a lot of excess space in the packaging process. This kind of light-weight and bulky goods will waste a lot of space when they are loaded into containers and stored in warehouses

in 2000, Japanese designer ban Mao, who studied the shape of paper tubes, designed "square roll paper". His design not only saves transportation space, but also does not need to change the existing roll paper support, which makes consumers unconsciously reduce waste in the rolling of square reels with less smooth speed. Although it is only simple to change the circle of the paper core into a square structure, this design is not only a solution to the problems of the previous packaging in the circulation process, but also a reasonable structure based on the in-depth analysis of its consumption habits and consumption psychology. Although the round roll core is convenient to roll paper during production, and it will be difficult for people to change the inherent concept of changing the round roll into a square roll, from a practical point of view, it will be meaningful to eliminate those preconceived concepts for the objects and habits around people

product packaging is inseparable from packaging materials. Reasonable selection of materials in packaging design can save resources and reduce pollution. The first packaging materials used by human beings are all natural materials, which are also harmless to the environment. But blindly using natural materials will lead to the lack of resources and natural disasters. With the development of modern industry, a number of industrialized products have become commonly used packaging materials, such as plastic and other synthetic materials, which are widely used in packaging, so that commodity packaging begins to completely get rid of the use of natural materials. But this has caused serious environmental pollution, threatening people's health. In this regard, with the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging, that is, new products must comply with the "3r1d" or "4r1d" principle. An important part of the green revolution in the 21st century, "green packaging revolution" is an important weight in the new round of market competition. It is certain that with a strong humanized design, the experimental force of gas digital micro Vickers hardness tester loading and unloading controls the recovery of the international market: fully automatic (loading/maintaining/unloading) green packaging products will have stronger vitality and competitiveness in the future market

III. design humanized packaging to meet the needs of consumers

1 Designers must understand consumers' needs for product packaging, constantly innovate packaging design according to the characteristics of consumers' needs, develop and design product packaging that meets consumers' needs, and correctly use product packaging strategies to meet consumers' needs for packaging

2. Product packaging should protect the personal safety of products and consumers. The product package should be marked with safety matters related to the handling, storage, opening, use, maintenance, etc. of the product, and there should be eye-catching safety warnings and instructions

3. We should pay attention to the applicability and reliability of product packaging, which often maintains the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people. The packaging shall protect the product from the influence of external environmental factors, and shall be designed to facilitate handling, storage, opening, use and maintenance. The size and specification of the product packaging should be suitable for the average consumption rate of the product by consumers, especially to ensure that the contents of the packaging can be normally consumed within the product warranty period, so as to avoid waste

4. With the improvement of living standards, people's consumption concept has gradually changed. Consumers should not only obtain material enjoyment when purchasing goods, but also obtain a kind of spiritual satisfaction and emotional consumption requirements. Therefore, packaging design should constantly seek innovation and change, attract the attention of consumers with novel and peculiar shape design, and meet the modern people's consumer psychology of pursuing relaxation and pleasure. For example, in fruit packaging, some dealers pack fruits of different shapes and colors in combination according to the characteristics of consumers buying new fruits and eating fresh ones in small quantities. Round green apples, crescent shaped yellow bananas, purple grapes, orange kumquats, etc. put them in a small box of transparent materials. On supermarket shelves, seasonal fruits of various colors and shapes are pleasing to the eye and can attract people's attention. Consumers are willing to accept this small package with multiple flavors and varieties

5. In recent years, pop packaging has been increasingly favored by consumers. It has rich and varied appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, excellent three-dimensional effect, and can play a role in self publicity. Pop packaging has changed the rigid and monotonous display mode of carton packaging in the past. On the packaging of some children's products, designers make a big fuss on the box cover with rich imagination. Adopt cartoon image for modeling design. Through folding and erecting the box cover, the decorative effect is lively. It is full of fun and temptation for children. In the design process, designers organically integrate knowledge, interest and decoration, so that children can increase their knowledge and cultivate their sentiment in purchasing goods

6. To embody the humanized design idea of product packaging, it is necessary to meet the requirements of consumers for convenience, dexterity and comfort of product packaging. In the buyer's market, consumers' selectivity is increasing, and people's consumption behavior has become more rational and picky. Therefore, product packaging should not only be limited to its beautification and decoration functions, but also consider the more essential requirements of consumers for product packaging. The humanized design idea is to embody the people-oriented design concept in the product packaging design, think for the consumers from the perspective of consumers, and fully consider whether the designed product packaging is convenient to use, whether it is smart and easy to carry, and whether it is coordinated with the environment

7. Product packaging should meet the needs of consumers' pursuit of high-grade cultural consumption and realize the style innovation of product packaging. Due to the continuous improvement of aesthetic level and cultural cultivation, consumers not only consider the economic durability of products, but also pay attention to the cultural taste of consumption to meet psychological needs. Therefore, using cultural heritage, drawing essence from China's long-standing national culture and colorful modern culture, highlighting the cultural taste of the brand, forming the cultural style of product packaging, endowing the product with unique personality with distinctive cultural color, improving the cultural taste of the product, and meeting the cultural consumption needs of consumers is one of the important topics of humanized design in the application of packaging

IV. conclusion

design is constantly updated with the progress of the times, and constantly changes with the different material and spiritual needs of human beings at different stages. Packaging design in the 21st century will be a civilized product with human beings as the main body, which will be re examined, reconstructed, redefined, renamed and more humanized around people's thoughts, emotions, personalities and functional needs

■ Chen Daqiang, School of packaging design and art, Zhuzhou Institute of technology

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