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Product recommendation: Yihang isx4000 multimedia switch

Yihang isx4000 multimedia switch is a general service development platform specially customized for telecom value-added services and high-capacity call center platform. It adopts a fully integrated design and can build various value-added service applications you can think of without purchasing any other modules from a third party. It is a real one stop service platform, It is the best choice for current and future telecom operators and virtual service providers (sp/cp) to plan value-added services, especially the three major operators after China's restructuring have full-service operation qualifications, and are planning an unprecedented business operation platform to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry (integrating wired and wireless, integrating voice and data, integrating 2G and 3G, integrating traditional PSTN and NGN networks, integrating telecommunications and interconnection)

what kind of equipment can win and support such a full-service platform? You may wish to carefully study the luxury single machine and cascade configuration of isx4000: the single machine supports the maximum 128e1 (SS7, PRI) optical interface access, 4096 voice resources, 4096 conference resources, up to 6464 IP (G. way, G. way, G. way), 768 fax resources, 1280 FSK resources (for E-Pos), 1024 video resources. Through the simple and easy-to-use management and maintenance tool OAM, the above resources can be combined, dynamically configured and smoothly upgraded

not only that, the DSP of isx4000's local synchronous configuration adopts high-performance echo cancellation and sound quality enhancement (EC and vqe) algorithms, which surpass the latest g.168 Standard Test (how to use the bending test machine when it is tested by the world's leading laboratories including BT and at t, its voice processing quality has been confirmed as a telecom operator level algorithm, which is one of the highest benchmarks), It can achieve very excellent voice quality and incredible user experience, and has excellent performance in ASR recognition, conference, voice chat, IP call and other applications. The specific performance is that the voice recognition rate is 10% higher than the best in the industry, the call is close to the fixed line effect, the IP call is close to the fixed line effect, and the voice conference has no noise

in terms of 3G applications, in addition to supporting the conventional 3g324m off function, real-time video file recording and playback ivvr, video RBT MRBT function, it can also realize complex functions such as video conference, multi-channel video real-time transcoding (3gp, MP4, ASF, AVI), subtitle superposition, logo insertion, etc., which are convenient for operation and later program production. With such a flexible and luxurious configuration, no other manufacturer at home and abroad can achieve such capacity and complex functions. Moreover, we have also designed a special cascading optical interface for isx4000, which can be used in automotive interior trim strips, door handles, rear-view mirrors, exterior trim strips, under the bumper guard and other components, and can easily achieve up to 16 non blocking cascades. At the same time, it can be reduced to digital cross multiplexing equipment or signaling acquisition equipment

Product Name: isx4000

Product specification:

height 44.3mm (1U)

width 443mm

depth 420mm

weight 15kg

Application scope takes Wuhan, Huangshi, Xiangyang, Yichang, Jingmen and Jingzhou as the core:

telecom value-added, international telephone wholesale, 3G multimedia customs, professional recording system, high-capacity call center, video conference system, signaling monitoring and other applications

applicable industry:

multimedia RBT MRBT

video call center

/video conference

3g324m off

intercom PTT

virtual switchboard

Contact Center

prepaid/postpaid business

missed calls/Secretary Desk

shutdown RBT

excellent/signaling monitoring

cell SMS

turn off RBT/sleep

ippbx/ip centrex

ip media off mg

ngn/ims relay off tg

ngn/ims access off ag

Signaling off sg

traffic wholesale and callback system

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