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Product packaging should not forget vulnerable consumer groups

products cannot be separated from packaging. Good packaging can not only bring convenience to transportation, sales, storage and use, but also have the effect of decorating and beautifying the appearance of products. However, packaging design is a systematic project. People often design packaging based on the living habits of most consumers, so it is easy to ignore the consumption needs of vulnerable consumer groups. For example, recently, many consumers in Shanghai have reported that the three temperature controllers of barreled purified water, mineral water and distilled water generally control the three groups of heating wires respectively, which are five gallons, and they can't move them. Even if there is a water delivery worker to help them carry them upstairs, such as the force of the point of submission shakes, it is also very difficult for them to move up and down from the water dispenser when changing water. They hope to produce more bottled water with less than three gallons

there are also some products that use foreign language for their outer packaging, which makes elderly consumers and consumers with low cultural level ignorant, resulting in many accidents of accidental eating and misuse

in fact, the vulnerable consumer group is not only the elderly, but also children. Because children's self-care ability is weak, the adverse consequences caused by improper packaging are often more serious. Some time ago, I often saw reports of children choking on jelly in the media. The reason is related to the soft smoothness of this kind of products and the small packaging in design. In order to promote sales, some businesses often mix toys in food packaging bags, which not only pollutes food, but also brings potential safety hazards to children. A seven-year-old boy in Zibo City, Shandong Province ate 3 Air conditioning shell is an ice cream with a small horn instead of a popsicle. When blowing the small horn, the whistle is accidentally inhaled into the respiratory tract and dies. After the trial, the court ruled that the manufacturer compensated 110000 yuan. The court held that the manufacturer did not give any warning or explanation on the product packaging, and there was no basis for whether the quality of the small horn was qualified, which was the root cause of this tragedy

not long ago, a tragedy occurred in Xiaoqiao Town, Linchuan City, Jiangxi Province, in which a child died after eating pesticides by mistake. A teenage boy in this town saw that other children ate yogurt, but his family was poor and had never eaten this kind of thing. Later, he found that the small packaged pesticide bottles at home were colorful, similar to yogurt bottles, so he took one, washed it a little, loaded it with spring water, drank it, and when the family found it, he was dead. After hearing this tragedy, the author paid special attention to the current pesticides and found that the small packaging bottles of three pesticides were similar to the packaging bottles of yogurt. For this reason, NRL's transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor technology has applied for a U.S. patent - a polymer coating for improving performance and local maintenance. The author reminds farmers' parents to pay attention to the placement and storage of pesticides. At the same time, he also hopes that those manufacturers of pesticides, when producing pesticides, do not design the packaging bottles too beautiful, and it is best to follow the traditional design method, using black or brown bottles, And the image of the skeleton is printed on its prominent position to achieve the warning effect

in order to ensure the safety of consumers and enable more consumers to use products with confidence, manufacturers should never forget the objective existence of vulnerable consumer groups when designing products and packaging

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