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[product] Liebherr's new 700 ton divine vehicle

[product] Liebherr and related information and safety data, Erxin 700 ton divine vehicle --ltm 1

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this year's BMW exhibition Liebherr caused a sensation, a new 700 ton 8-axis all terrain crane - LTM 1. The design concept of the exhibition is to maximize performance to provide maximum flexibility and fast installation time

new Liebherr LTM 1 all terrain crane (shown as "Black Knight" at this year's BMW exhibition) is a real successor of large tonnage. It is Liebherr's best-selling large crane in history - LTM 1, LTM 1. So far, nearly 600 sets have been sold. And LTM Like Liebherr's new crane LTM 1 two telescopic boom lengths - 54 meters and 80 meters can be provided. When carrying a 54 meter telescopic boom, the axle weight is 12 tons, which is suitable for highway driving. Due to LTM 1. It has a wide range of configurations, so it is suitable for multiple operation places

the newly designed super lift makes installation more convenient. Reference LTM 1 and upgraded the single rope system to obtain better performance, still retaining the advantage of easy operation. Objective to create a simple, fast and safe setting process

a series of grid arms enable it to work effectively in a wide range of applications. The length of the fixed lattice arm is 6 meters to 62 meters, and the telescopic arm can be quickly cleared and easily extended. Attached at an angle of 0 °, 10 °, 20 ° or 40 °, the fixed arm can be adjusted between 0 ° and 38 °. The length of the luffing boom is meters, providing maximum height, radius and performance

maximum lifting capacity 700T (actual performance> 700T)

maximum 55m jib, 91 meter tower arm

maximum operating height: 131 meters

maximum operating radius: 102. Ball screw: the screws currently used in the tensile testing machine include ball screw and trapezoidal screw. 0 meters

maximum driving speed: 85km/h

total counterweight: 155t

the eight pressure testing machine in the chassis system is also known as the electronic pressure testing machine cylinder Liebherr diesel engine, with a power of 505 kW/687 HP and a torque of 3160 nm, which is called LTM 1 provides all the power required. The innovative 12 Speed ZF traxon torque transmission is used to transmit power to the crane axle. The torque converter enhances the handling and starting capabilities

Liebherr's single engine concept has now been verified on more than 800 cranes, in the new LTM 1 has also been applied. On one side of the crane, the mechanical transmission device transmits power from the engine to the bracket through the shaft and gearbox, and enters the upper structure through the center of the slewing ring to provide power for the hydraulic pump operated by the crane. It is similar to other 230300 and 450 ton models recently launched. For the operation of the crane, the engine has eco mode to help warm up the machine for 20 30min, reduce fuel consumption and reduce noise. At the same time, hillstart helps ramp start. The zero wear hydrodynamic brake is integrated in the gearbox and plays a deceleration role. In addition, TELMA eddy current brake is also standard

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