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Product driven transformation, Shantui's full range of products are favored

Product Driven transformation, Shantui's full range of products are favored

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the concept of "high, low, fast and complete" has been launched heavily, intelligent R & D has been upgraded, the full range of products have appeared in the boom, the core competitiveness of products has been steadily improved, the personalized needs of customers have been continuously improved, and the accessories and service market has continued to expand In recent years, the development achievements and work highlights of Shantui have been quite fruitful

at BICES 2019, which opened in Beijing on September, as one of the top 50 global construction machinery companies, Shantui made a heavy debut with the new concept of "high-low, fast and complete" products and services, as well as the new products of pushing, loading, digging and mixing, so as to share more joy and achievements with customers. Among them, the whole series of upgraded products displayed by Shantui not only became the focus of the exhibition, but also the basis for Shantui to continue to forge ahead and innovate in the field of construction machinery

▲ Shantui BICES 2019 booth is full of crowds and charm.

high and low, fast and all-round, focusing on products and services

over the years, Shantui has continued intensive cultivation. Through continuous technical accumulation and precipitation, while maintaining the leader in the "bulldozer" industry, it has constantly enriched its product line, and comprehensively opened the multi line development of road machinery, loaders, concrete equipment and excavators. The product and service concept of "high-low, fast and complete" comprehensively explains that "the small and medium-sized steel mills on duty cannot but adopt the method of adding vanadium to produce rib steel with high rate, low cost, fast service response and integrated construction of a full range of products"

▲ Liu Chunchao, deputy general manager of Shantui shares, accepted an exclusive interview with the media

for the "high-low fast and complete" concept, Liu Chunchao, deputy general manager of Shantui shares, made a detailed introduction at the exhibition site. He said that the "high-low fast and complete" concept starts from the customer experience, creates higher value for customers and continues to improve customer satisfaction through high-quality products, paying attention to customer needs and customer service. Shantui constantly explores science and technology to ensure the reliable performance and high attendance rate of products through innovative development; Equipped with self-developed core parts and the golden power system of Shandong heavy industry group, the products can give full play to the best performance, supplemented by excellent after-sales service, reduce fuel efficiency and reduce use costs; Rapid response to demand, with convenient and efficient services, a wide range of service points and a comprehensive online service network of Shantui E Road bank to provide customers with accurate solutions; The integrated construction of the whole series of products forms a one-stop comprehensive technical solution

▲ Shantui dh24c2 XL full hydraulic bulldozer intelligent control upgrade, high efficiency and energy saving

▲ Shantui sr26h-5c roller adopts patented new vibrating wheel, with higher compaction efficiency

product drive, paying attention to customers' personalized needs

"customer satisfaction is our purpose" is a creed rooted in the hearts of every Shantui people, and it is also a label deeply branded on every Shantui product before leaving the factory. Investigate user needs, focus on user experience, pay attention to user feedback, and create a user cooperation model with a full life cycle. Shantui continuously improves and improves the closed-loop industrial chain around users

from preliminary research, focusing on user needs and user experience, to product layout focusing on user value and product development based on market demand; From giving full play to the platform factor for design and R & D, innovative manufacturing processes, to adhering to the establishment of its own standards and systems, lean manufacturing, Shantui has formed a complete management closed loop

▲ the new appearance of Shantui l58-c3 loader is officially launched in 2019, with low fuel consumption and fast speed-up

▲ Shantui sjhs100-i Intelligent Laboratory mixing plant, fully automatic operation and high efficiency

"in 2019, Shantui will change from marketing driven to product driven, relying on perfect and advanced marketing system, and pay attention to customers' personalized needs and services through product driven." Liu Chunchao explained the product driven transformation of Shantui, "around the strategic transformation, we have done a lot of work in the development of new products. First, we have re allocated resources to the R & D system, which is divided into product lines and resource lines. Through matrix management, we can ensure the rapid R & D and production of products, and at the same time, we can fully meet the personalized needs of our customers."

5g piloting, intelligent R & D upgrading

2019 is the key year for Shantui to accelerate transformation and upgrading and achieve breakthroughs in key areas. With the rapid development of science and technology, 5g technology has become a new trend. The 5g remote control demonstration on the site of this mountain promotion exhibition attracted a large number of visitors to stop. Through the remote control of the de17 bulldozer in Jining on the 5g exhibition site, the construction operations such as bulldozing, shoveling, loading and unloading were realized, and the whole venue was ignited. 5g intelligent technology makes on-site visitors feel the strong strength of Shantui technology research and development and the service essence of trying to meet customer needs

▲ Shantui 5g remote control demonstration

for the development trend of intelligence and the application of 5g technology, Liu Chunchao said, "In terms of intelligent technology, Shantui started early. As early as 2014, Shantui developed a remote-control bulldozer for sanitation waste disposal. At that time, the remote control could only reach a distance of 1 km. At present, it has been well used and fed back in special scenes such as armed police and waste disposal. Now, through cooperation with China Unicom, we have established 5g base stations in the plant area, making thousands of kilometers of remote control a reality. At the same time, Shantui A series of products such as bulldozers, loaders, graders and excavators, through digital upgrading, lead the industry in intelligent construction, intelligent driving, intelligent diagnosis, remote control and other aspects. "

with years of research and development, production and sales experience, relying on a large number of core technologies and market data, whether it is intelligent product development or 5g technology application, Shantui is taking the lead in the transition from technology to intelligence, providing customers with intelligent solutions

Shantui excavators started their journey with accumulation

in addition, Shantui exhibited a full range of new excavators covering 6T, 8.5t, 13.5T, 15t, 22T, 37T and other products at this exhibition. People familiar with Shantui know that Shantui has a very deep foundation in the field of excavators. Shantui has injected the gene of lean manufacturing into the whole processing process of construction machinery for many years. In Liu Chunchao's view, Shantui's core competitiveness is not only reflected in bulldozers, but also the "gold industry chain" integrating the main functions of construction machinery chassis parts, transmission parts, structural parts, and the required tensile testing machine, such as heterotopic ossification and the loss of joint activity, which are different. Castings, hydraulic cylinders and other core parts of construction machinery are more competitive

▲ BICES 2019, Shantui excavator appears in full dress

for a long time, Shantui's vertical "supporting business" is only 20%, and the remaining 80% of the technology and products are used for supporting and serving well-known construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad. In the context of such a business structure, the technology and scale of Shantui components have been greatly honed and continuously improved. In particular, many core components in this supporting system have already experienced the double tests of different products and markets on loaders, excavators and other products other than bulldozers. "This has created unique conditions for our excavator R & D and production."

▲ Shantui accessories exhibition area, "gold industry chain" has attracted much attention

among them, the intelligent electric control system independently developed is the biggest highlight of Shantui excavator. The whole series of excavator products have intelligent control systems to achieve the best combination of power system and hydraulic system, improve operation efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. A new generation of human-machine friendly intelligent electronic control system, the working state of the machine is under control. Preset a variety of working modes for convenient switching, and you can check the vehicle's position, running track and working state at any time through the cloud platform. The intelligent electronic control system independently developed by Shantui brings a strong operation experience and allows customers to produce greater economic benefits

with scientific and technological innovation as the main engine, Shantui is vigorously promoting quality change, efficiency change and power change. Shantui is building a unique brand influence and competitiveness with a unique industrial chain development model. In the future, let's witness that Shantui adheres to the development concept of "customer satisfaction is our purpose" and continues to develop more and more intelligent push road loading, excavation and mixing products to meet the different needs of customers and usher in the leap forward development of a new era

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