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Product packaging is not just a supporting role "dowry", there is a broad market

good products need good packaging. Therefore, product packaging should not be just a supporting role, but should be placed in the same important position as the protagonist. Lin Chenglin

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under the situation of economic downturn and fierce industry competition, Quanzhou Tianchen paper packaging Co., Ltd. recently invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce advanced corrugated board production lines and printing equipment, which can produce more than 5 million square meters of corrugated board and cartons every month. We are not afraid of competition. We are afraid of no market. Linchenglin, general manager of Quanzhou Tianchen paper packaging Co., Ltd., said that their goal is very clear, that is, to be a high-quality supplier for brand customers

for the Quanzhou industry, the popularity of Tianchen paper packaging is not high, but as long as Zhangzhou Tianchen group is mentioned, everyone in the industry knows it. It is understood that Quanzhou Tianchen paper packaging Co., Ltd. is an affiliated enterprise of Zhangzhou Tianchen group and developed from a packaging enterprise in Quanzhou. In recent years, our newly invested plant in Luojiang economic and Technological Development Zone has been officially put into operation, with a total investment of nearly 100million yuan. Lin Chenglin said that although the competition in the industry will be more intense this year, he believes that driven by the second entrepreneurship, the packaging industry, as an important dowry of products, still has broad market prospects

introduce advanced corrugated board production line

boss weekly: Recently, you have invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce advanced production equipment. What is the consideration

Lin Chenglin: mainly based on the source to control quality. Because before, our old production equipment has been unable to meet the development requirements of high-end products. It is very important to do a good job in the quality of cartons and corrugated boards and printing equipment. By introducing advanced corrugated board production lines and printing equipment, we can ensure that the quality of cartons is more stable and high-grade. At present, we can produce more than 5 million square meters of corrugated cardboard and cartons every month, which can not only meet our own needs, but also be sold to other packaging enterprises, killing many birds with one stone

boss weekly: you said that the most fundamental competition in the packaging industry is hardware competition. How to understand this

Lin Chenglin: in recent years, our total hardware investment has reached nearly 100million yuan, including plant construction, advanced process layout, introduction of advanced equipment, etc. The equipment in the packaging industry has been upgraded rapidly. The one who first mastered the advanced process layout is more likely to lead the industry

as a second venture, we give priority to high-end equipment in the industry in terms of hardware investment, including Taiwan Mingwei, which is expected to replace soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for the group's most advanced cardboard production line in medical devices, Hong Kong Yusheng packaging machinery's four-color high-speed watermark machine, supporting high-quality automatic carton gluing machine, etc. Because we serve leading enterprises in the industry, such as Tebu, Jinlu, Jiumu, Shuhua, Fuma, Guanke, etc. advanced hardware equipment and process layout can better ensure quality, so as to achieve better packaging effect and add points to customers' products

boss weekly: what about software construction

Lin Chenglin: in my opinion, hardware investment is relatively easy. As long as the funds are in place, any enterprise can realize basic hardware investment such as land purchase, infrastructure construction, decoration and equipment purchase within three years, but for enterprises, the most difficult is the construction of software. I mean software is talent building. I think it is the most difficult for an enterprise to unite people's minds and make everyone move towards a goal, unify their thoughts and implement them into specific actions, which is also the focus of our recent work

boss weekly: can you talk about it in detail

Lin Chenglin: at present, what I am doing now is mainly to unify the thoughts of employees. Specifically, it is done in combination with our enterprise positioning. Because our position is to be an excellent supplier for brand customers, I require all staff to have this awareness and implement this purpose from thought to action

however, software construction cannot be completed overnight. The key is that I should set an example first, and then promote it throughout the company. This year, we plan to select a representative from each industry customer, and then make the standard of this industry. Of course, this standard is our own standard, which must be higher than the standards proposed by customers, and then implement these standards into every detail, so that we can provide customers with more value-added services

supporting actors and protagonists are equally important

boss weekly: now the packaging industry has serious low-cost competition, how do you think

Lin Chenglin: at present, the packaging industry has ushered in the industry reshuffle period, so the competition is more intense, so it is inevitable that there will be a price war. In my opinion, price competition is just an introduction. Because our positioning is relatively high-end, what we are considering now is not how to minimize the price, but how to make the quality better, from a domestic perspective, make the quality more stable, and provide customers with more value-added services. Only by doing these things well can we really keep the hearts of customers. In the final analysis, the final competition of packaging enterprises is the comprehensive strength and internal management ability of the enterprise. Only by doing well in quality and service can we win the market

boss weekly: how do you view the development trend of the packaging industry in the future

Lin Chenglin: I am very optimistic about the future of the packaging industry. On the one hand, the packaging industry is an environmental protection industry, which can be recycled; On the other hand, from the perspective of international trends, the packaging industry has broad prospects for development and a wide range of customers. In fact, in European and American countries, packaging is very important, and packaging and brand must match each other. Packaging can not only protect products, but also add points to the appearance of products. Therefore, product packaging should not be just a supporting role, but should be placed in the same important position as the protagonist. After all, good products need good packaging

boss weekly: you said that to some extent, the competition in the packaging industry is the competition in services. How do you understand this

Lin Chenglin: as an enterprise in the supply chain, how to serve the brand enterprise must be the focus we need to consider. In my opinion, the service of the packaging industry is endless. In particular, we need to have emergency plans for the two major situations of customers' delivery at any time and temporary changes

for example, what should we do when customers' orders soar and we are temporarily required to increase the number of cartons? Generally, for long-term cooperative customers, we will track their order quantity and properly stock cartons for customers' temporary needs

for example, in case of variables, a customer temporarily needs to ship and urgently needs to order several cartons. At this time, your production line is full. What should we do? If it is temporarily inserted, it will affect the operation of the machine and the proficiency of the workers. If it does not take this order, it is likely to affect the production and operation of the guests. Finally, I decided to let the other party intervene temporarily and complete the urgent order first. Through this example, I want to express an idea that we should be market-oriented, customer-centric and take the needs of customers as our goal. Only in this way can we better serve our customers

boss weekly: now e-commerce has become a major trend. Do you have any new plans for serving e-commerce

Lin Chenglin: in the field of e-commerce, we plan to do both. On the one hand, we will cooperate with some large e-commerce platforms, such as home furnishings e-commerce. We customize cartons for them according to their product types; On the other hand, we plan to create our own e-commerce platform, and take the initiative to design the specifications and dimensions of some cartons, so that e-commerce enterprises that need packaging can place orders by themselves. I believe that in the future, packaging in the field of e-commerce will usher in a blowout period

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