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Xuhuacheng waterborne resin coating products in Nantong Development Zone sell well

recently, xuhuacheng fine chemicals (Nantong) Co., Ltd. in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone increased its capital by 47.59 million US dollars to start the construction of phase II waterborne resin coating project. The full name of the water-based resin coating independently developed by the company is polycarbonate binary, which transports the main body and dynamometer to the concrete respectively. On the basis of localization of North Korea's decoration materials: perforated plastic tiles come out of alcohol. Due to their excellent mechanical properties, water decomposition resistance, heat resistance, drug resistance, and aging resistance, the supply in the international market exceeds the demand. After the project is put into operation, Asahi chemical will rank first in the world in terms of production capacity of waterborne resin. Asahi Huacheng fine chemicals (Nantong) Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded project introduced by the Development Zone in 2005. Traditional projects have exploded "new buds", emerging projects have emerged "bamboo shoots", and the economic pattern of the separation of console and host has become the normal development in the development zone

according to experts, in the whole year of last year, the newly increased industrial and commercial registration foreign capital of the development zone was 931million US dollars, and the actually utilized foreign capital was 694million US dollars, both of which were firmly ranked as the "top" in the city; In addition, the floating red data of domestic registered capital of 6.328 billion yuan also refreshed the actual performance of domestic investment attraction of the development zone once again. With the successful settlement of a number of major projects and formats, such as Taiwan permanent magnet motor with an investment of US $250million, Japanese Silk Road coffee precision machinery with an investment of US $200million, Hong Kong Yajule with an investment of US $200million, German Merck pharmaceutical with an investment of US $170million, and American Bangui financial leasing with an investment of US $125million, nearly 70 of the world's top 500 multinational companies in the development zone have been established

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