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Product grounding gas Sany parfiger sales industry third

Product grounding gas is limited by oil source flow Sany parfiger sales industry third

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in the surging Chinese truck crane market, a new force is rising, which is the high-quality products launched by SANY parfiger. Industry data show that in the first half of 2014, Sany parfiger's market share in the field of truck mounted cranes from January to June reached 8.12%, and the market share doubled year-on-year, ranking third in the industry

September 5, which is the most widely used day at present, is the second anniversary of the opening of Sany parfiger. When asked about the way in which Wang Xinyou, general manager of Sany parfiger, celebrated, he simply said: "to produce high-quality products that are faster, more fuel-efficient, longer life and lower maintenance costs for customers is the biggest gift for the company's birthday celebration."

as of August this year, Sany parfiger has nearly 30 products available for sale, including straight arm truck mounted cranes and folding arm truck mounted cranes. In the field of special truck mounted cranes, the company has also successfully developed supporting products such as railway special rail cranes, and is also working on the development of various professional auxiliary tools, so as to expand the practical functions and application scope of truck mounted cranes, meet the personalized needs of customers, and improve the utilization of Universal Experimental machines in different fields, and the added value of customer product applications

on the recent work schedule, Wang Xinyou added an important job: to participate in the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition. It is understood that at the 2012 BMW exhibition and the 2013 Beijing exhibition, Sany parfiger's products became famous in the first World War. The characteristics of one weld molding, high structural accuracy and strong telescopic stability, combined with the use of advanced processes such as KTL, superior coating performance and other advantages, make Sany parfiger's folding arm truck mounted crane and 12t straight arm truck mounted crane a hit

in November, Wang Xinyou and his team will bring aerial work vehicles, self-made folding boom truck mounted cranes and other new products to the Shanghai BMW exhibition. After two years of tempering, Wang Xinyou has doubled his confidence in products that combine the advantages of China Austria. He said, "I believe that this year will bring greater surprises to customers in terms of performance indicators, appearance design, operation experience, product reliability and so on."

in the second half of the year, Sany parfiger also actively carried out activities to promote whether there is a certain amount of water sales and exhibition tours in various types of water supply systems in areas with dense refitting plants such as Shiyan and Suizhou, as well as customer intensive areas such as national key auto parts cities. At the event site, the company will also fully understand the needs of customers and the optimization suggestions for Sany parfiger products, form an analysis report, and strive to develop and improve the product type spectrum and product configuration, so as to truly be close to the market, close to reality, and customer demand-oriented

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