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Pingaoyun commercial Decade: explore the road of independent and controllable localization

over the past decade, the development of the cloud computing industry has gone through many stages, and the cloud computing technology is also evolving. Under the trend of localization, cloud and mid platform, the cloud business of large enterprises is also accelerating. With the development of the enterprise service market, pingaoyun has gone through a volatile decade of business

on October 24, the 2019 Pinnacle cloud conference was successfully held in Guangzhou. This conference, with the theme of industry + cloud, released the latest version of v9.0 domestic full stack cloud product portfolio. With the release of pingaoyun full stack cloud, pingaoyun has also entered a new stage of development

after ten years of hard work, with reliable technology, pingaoyun now has more than 650 large and medium-sized enterprise customers, covering vertical markets such as government, public security, rail transit, finance, education, group enterprises and so on. Then, in the trend and voice of software localization, on the road of developing independent and controllable cloud products, what is the history of pingaoyun

at the press conference, Liu Xin, vice president and technical director of pinnacle software and Qiu Yang, product director of pinnacle cloud, the core figures of pinnacle cloud's technology team, were interviewed to review Pinnacle cloud's independent and controllable localization path

Liu Xin, vice president and technical director of Pingao software

Liu Xin Table 3. Equipped with experimental related tools, such as caliper, steel tape, Notepad, hammer and various molds It shows that pinko software has been exploring its own way out. With the development of cloud computing, our thinking started cloud computing research and development in 2008, and then launched pinko cloud bingocloud, a cloud computing brand. From the hazy exploration process at the beginning to the process of gradually deepening industrial practice, especially in the past five years, it has gradually precipitated in the process of industrial practice and competition with some giants and leading enterprises, has also formed its own core R & D system and commercial layout, and has achieved excellent results in scientific and technological innovation

it can also be seen from this press conference that we have constantly condensed the challenges and common technical problems encountered in the development of the entire industry, and achieved some results, such as how to improve resource utilization more efficiently and how to support a greater number of visits for the current domestic heterogeneous ultra large-scale cloud data centers, And we are talking about the problems of offline application in artificial intelligence data scenarios, and so on

we have a clear industrial path. The next step is to solve the large-scale landing of our domestic chips, storage, networks, etc. in large-scale data centers through large-scale industrial landing

referring to success and frustration, Liu Xin frankly said that scientific research has its predictability. The above stories are basically the stories of predicting success. There are many stories of predicting failure in it, but it is these things that continue to accumulate that can form self. The cutting-edge technology should be forward-looking and pre judged. After pre judgment, it should be introduced into specific projects

Qiu Yang, product director of pingaoyun

speaking of prediction, Qiu Yang, product director of pingaoyun pointed out that compared with some large Internet enterprises, pingaoyun is different, and we must make prediction early, such as the prediction of container trends when virtualization applications encountered bottlenecks, such as the rapid transcoding of video using large data and distributed computing technology, and the evolution of hybrid Cloud Architecture

before things happen, we need to judge whether it is feasible. In fact, it has a lot to do with the trial and error we are talking about now. All kinds of signs on the experimental machine should be clear and durable. Now if I want to explore the market quickly, it doesn't mean that I'll do it again when it comes. I have to prepare first. Then I catch it when I find that it has signs and corresponding trends. We must make our own predictions to get the results we have achieved today

therefore, Pinnacle cloud's scientific research team relies on a clear and predictive scientific research path, and relies on Pinnacle's engineering genes for optimization and industrial practice to maintain a leading position in the industry market

adhere to independent innovation and focus on customers

pingaoyun has developed for ten years and has been emphasizing independent control. Why must we adhere to our own research and development

Liu Xin pointed out that in addition to the prediction of cutting-edge technologies, many key technologies will be closely related to needs and scenario applications. For example, network architecture, many enterprise customers are still traditional devices, and it is impossible to purchase new switches to carry the new network architecture like some large interconnected enterprises. We need to use its existing network assets to endow the virtual network VPC function in the cloud management platform

let's talk about software load balancing. When rich and powerful enterprises build the cloud, they use physical server stacking to replace the original high-end Load Balancing Servers from abroad, to stack and distribute, and deal with the capacity. However, for the vast majority of ordinary enterprises, they cannot spend so much to buy applications. Therefore, pingaoyun should research by itself, and use engineering methods to do distributed sinking, sinking to the load balancer below. Every major customer is reached in such deep cooperation, which has formed many unique core technology reserves of Pingao

Liu Xin humorously told me that in fact, I feel lucky that we didn't have openstack when we did it, so we can focus on doing our own things and try to solve problems and optimize technical solutions according to different scenarios

the research and development of pingaoyun starts from IAAs, the core foundation, and considers various product forms of cloud computing manufacturers from IAAs, PAAS, DAAS to SaaS from the practical applications of various public clouds. It has launched an independent and controllable full stack cloud solution system, which deeply meets customers' it needs and system evolution needs

at present, there are 14 invention patents focusing on the calculation of software definition, storage of software definition and software customization network, which have become the leader in the industry

Evolution of pingaoyun technology

in February 2010, pingaoyun released bingocloud v1.0. The product features on-demand delivery of IT capabilities, one click deployment of customer applications, flexible resource use, and open product design standards. In June of the same year, bingocloud was updated to version V1.2.1, which has advanced functions such as controller disaster recovery, virtual machine hot migration, and adds virtual application components of new product modules, and provides common functions similar to VMware vCenter (vmotion, ha, DRS)

in 2011, pingaoyun launched the first commercial IAAs cloud platform product in China, and released bingocloud V2.0, which supports public-private cloud shuttle and cloud control disaster recovery. The product features elastic resource expansion, self-service and standardized platform

in 2012, pinko cloud released bingocloud V3.0, adding functions such as relational database services, flexible big data processing services (MapReduce), 3D rendering cloud support, and announced the official launch of pinko public cloud brand bingocc

in 2014, pingaoyun upgraded bingocloud to the overall solution brand of government enterprise cloud computing, and officially launched enterprise PAAS platforms bingolink (enterprise mobile information platform MEAP) and bingoinsight (enterprise one-stop big data platform). The original iaas+ product was named bingocloudos (Enterprise Cloud operating system), providing all-round and agile it cloud support for government and enterprise customers

in 2016, pingaoyun released bingocloudosv7.0, adding multiple features such as container services, machine learning, virtual tape library, cloud disaster tolerance, AWS nano management, etc

in 2019, pingaoyun released v9.0 product system, covering IAAs infrastructure layer, PAAS platform layer, DAAS data layer to SaaS software layer, from development, deployment to delivery, operation and maintenance, and operation; From IOS, Android, web to PC desktop, it can provide a full range of cloud service solutions for industry customers

understand the cloud of enterprises: introduction to pingaoyun v9.0 product system

iaas+ products: pingaoyun "3D printing is a new technology operating system (bingocloudos)

cloud operating system with iaas+ capability, which realizes heterogeneous, stable, elastic and secure infrastructure.

paas products: pingaoyun application support platform (bingofuse)

the infrastructure for enterprise application platforms breaks the application construction shaft and evolves to a new generation of shared application architecture

daas products: bingoinsight

big data platform with the ability of data lake, agile enterprise data governance and maximize data value

saas products: bingolink

a unified enterprise collaboration platform that supports in-depth customization, and realizes efficient collaboration within and among enterprises by having the application ability of integration and connectivity

cmp products: bingocmp

itaas capability platform under the Mixed Multi cloud background, which solves the problems of enterprise it cloud operation and maintenance and operation transformation

they fully conform to the understanding of pingaoyun and its industry customers on the core objectives of the whole stack:

be able to inherit data assets

can fully help applications, making applications easier to develop, more agile, and more personalized

localization ecology of pingaoyun

pingaoyun has many ecological partners, including (in no order): Longxin, Zhaoxin, Feiteng, Lenovo, great wall, Shenwei, Huawei, Zhongke Shuguang, Baode, Huasheng information, Zhongke controllable, innovation, shengteng, bid winning Kirin, ZTE new fulcrum, deep technology, Puhua, Greenland, Renmin Jincang, RUPU technology Peng Yue

they have completed in-depth docking with pingaoyun, and have passed the in-depth integration of laboratories, so as to prepare for the final localization ecological integration. At the same time, determine the composition relationship of each other's composition, realize the strong complementarity based on each other's long boards, and even form a tacit understanding for the subsequent version development of the products of both sides

more than a dozen localization ecological partners participated in the meeting

Huawei Taishan attended the meeting as a representative of localization servers

localization panoramic alternative and evolvable future

cloud side localization ecology

end side localization ecology

pingaoyun and ecological partners provided the following application scenarios on both sides of the cloud + end:

scenario 1: pingaoyun operating system, Define infrastructure products through intelligent heterogeneous software, smoothly replace foreign virtual cloud technology, and support the cloud management platform to achieve a multi-level, multi public, multi private three hybrid Cloud Architecture, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive cloud of enterprise IT service capabilities

scenario 2: as the existing and domestic mixed operating system in the enterprise, pingaoyun can use Huawei Taishan, haiguang, ZTE and Feiteng chip servers as computing and storage clusters to gradually replace x86 servers

pingaoyun business demonstration point based on Huawei Taishan, godson, innovation division and other domestic chip servers

scenario 3: pingaoyun S3 and pingaopan comprehensively replace all kinds of enterprise file servers

scenario 4: bingoiam components in pinko cloud application support platform can coexist with Microsoft ad and other LDAP servers from coexistence to substitution

scenario 5: API gateway in pinko cloud application support platform, completing the replacement of Microsoft BizTalk and Oracle bepl

scenario 6: ZTE new fulcrum, Godson PC and Lingke enterprise collaboration platform jointly realize the coexistence and replacement of windows PC. ZTE new fulcrum completes equipment level adaptation, and Lingke enterprise collaboration platform completes application level adaptation

based on Godson PC and ZTE new fulcrum operation

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