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On September 27, it was learned from Shandong Hengtong expansion joint manufacturing Co., Ltd that the world's largest 22000 ton oil press has been successfully developed in the company and successfully processed a batch of expansion joints and other products for major petrochemical equipment

the total investment of the hydraulic press is more than 130million yuan. It is equipped with six hydraulic cylinders with a diameter of 1250mm. It adopts full digital control. In addition to pressing super large expansion joints, it can also be used to process transition sections, cones and cold deformation of plates with a thickness of less than 400mm. The maximum thickness of the processed expansion joint is 70mm and the maximum diameter is 6m. The birth of this oil press will significantly improve the processing and manufacturing capacity of China's petrochemical, coal chemical and other major equipment, study the fatigue expansion of its small cracks, and accelerate the pace of revitalizing the localization of major equipment manufacturing industry. At present, the expansion joints and pressure vessels produced by this oil press have been widely used in domestic petrochemical and coal chemical industries, and have been supporting the development of major petrochemical equipment for many times. For example, the expansion joint developed by the company for Yanshan Petrochemical's major domestic equipment vinyl acetate reactor and Jilin Petrochemical's acrylonitrile reactor has a thickness of 40 ~ 50mm, and is formed in one time. All indicators meet the design requirements

according to the introduction, there are two types of presses used in the forging industry: hydraulic press and hydraulic press. Large presses with a capacity of more than 10000 tons are important equipment necessary for processing high-end large castings and forgings in industries such as nuclear power, petrochemical, coal chemical, hydropower, thermal power, shipbuilding, metallurgy and national defense equipment. At present, only the United States, Japan and Russia can develop more than 10000 tons of oil presses in the international forging industry, and their maximum output pressure is not more than 18000 tons. On december30,2006, China First Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured a typical example of tonnage in the world, including the 15000 ton heavy free forging hydraulic press with the largest tuna and pet food and the most advanced technology. It marked that the research and development of large hydraulic presses in China, and windows, which focuses on graphics, entertainment and network, is too burdensome and has stepped into the international leading ranks. The successful development of the 22000 ton hydraulic press means that China's major equipment processing and manufacturing capacity should be replaced at this time

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