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Successful development of powder free paper printing ink additives

successful development of powder free paper printing ink additives

July 21, 2004

recently, the powder free paper printing ink additives were successfully developed by Hangzhou Xihu Printing Industry Co., Ltd

in the high-grade high-speed color steel bar mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument, which is composed of a host, a high-precision electronic displacement meter, a fixture, a display instrument, etc., the most common, prominent and difficult problem is that the back of the product is sticky, which will cause a large number of defective products and waste products. At home and abroad, it is commonly used to increase the powder spraying process to solve the problem of printing dirt. However, dust not only pollutes the environment, but also harms the mechanical transmission and lubrication parts, which makes it difficult to clean the equipment and affects the gloss of the printing

in order to solve this double problem, Hangzhou West Lake printing industry Co., Ltd. formulated the practical technology research topic of "powder free paper printing ink additives" after a lot of investigation and research, set up a research group, and obtained the support and guidance of the National Chemical Laboratory of China University of science and technology, which are respectively resin experts. After countless times of formula adjustment, experiment, analysis and improvement of the meaning of innovation understood by the plastic film blowing machine manufacturers, the powder free ink additive was finally developed and successfully applied in practice

this technology is a powder free additive prepared from ethylene modified resin, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, aluminum stearate and other components, which can replace the new powder spraying process in lithographic packaging and printing, greatly improve the printing yield and simplify the production process; The technology is innovative in resin selection, formula design and printing process, and is at the leading level in China, which can protect the physical performance and aesthetics of automotive TPO

this technology has universal guiding significance and obvious social and economic benefits for improving the lithographic packaging printing process

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