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Successful development of large particle size styrene butadiene latex synthesis technology

the large particle size styrene butadiene latex synthesis technology development project undertaken by the Research Institute of Jilin chemical company passed the acceptance of experts organized by Jilin Chemical Company on January 20, 2000

styrene butadiene latex can be widely used in papermaking, carpets, foam rubber products and other fields, but the traditional styrene butadiene latex is polymerized by high temperature (c) lotion, and the particle size of the latex is (0.08 μ) Small, so its application range is limited Large particle size styrene butadiene rubber is widely used in the production of coatings, adhesives, foamed rubber and ABS because of its large particle size and its fluidity even under high solid content. The government strengthened the standardized management measures for in-process and post event supervision, and adopted high-temperature lotion technology for seed polymerization in technology development. The large particle size styrene butadiene latex can be obtained by agglomeration of the latex. It can be used in the production of MBS, ABS and other products. The experts agreed that: the technical data provided for acceptance are complete and reliable. The proposed polymerization formula is reasonable and the process is stable. The established agglomeration process has applied for a Chinese patent due to its excellent performance technology of good light transmittance, high thermal conductivity, high electron mobility, low resistivity and high mechanical strength, A small amount of waste water can be discharged after treatment. Researchers believe that this kind of material can be used in many aspects in the future. It can be used to guide the thousand ton trial production

the main performance indexes of the developed large particle size styrene butadiene latex have reached the level of Japanese jsro56l sample. The preliminary application results in the laboratory of Jihua synthetic resin plant show that it is expected to replace the imported products

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