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Successful development of phosphorescent coatings for cosmetics 4. The movable collet locking mechanism

pyramid productions company announced a research invention about phosphorescent coatings, which is a special kind of phosphorescent and/or phosphorescent coating. 4. The compression shear bond strength test of ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive); Components used in cosmetics. It is very suitable for body paint, hair paint or lipstick paint. In particular, when using this component to prepare nail polish products, it can be made into 4. Rotating the oil box into a transparent or colorful product under normal lighting conditions, and the color effect of the product will appear fluorescent or phosphorescent effect when the external lighting conditions change

when the lighting conditions return to the original state, the formula of this composition contains the following components: 35% ethyl acetate; 13% butyl acetate; 25% nitrocellulose; 9% a 3, high reliability benzenesulfonamide/epoxy resin; 3% acetyl triethyl citrate; 15% acetone, appropriate amount of zinc sulfide, polyamide wax and high-grade pigment in benzyl alcohol paste

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