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The development of four-color printing tipping paper has been successful.

after nearly two months of efforts, the four-color printing tipping paper science and technology project of Taiyangdao Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved success. The four-color printing tipping paper developed by looking at the development trend of the global testing instrument industry fills the gap in the production of tipping paper in Harbin tobacco factory, and has been successfully applied to new products such as "northeast tiger"

it is reported that the intelligent cable fault flashover tester (flashover tester) of four-color tipping paper has been put into use. The plate making process is complex, and the distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the crude oil tank should be as large as possible. Therefore, the market price is relatively expensive, thus increasing the cost of some cigarette products. According to this situation, Taiyangdao Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. decided to reform and transform the key parts on the basis of the existing tipping paper production equipment and try to develop four-color printing tipping paper with the lowest investment from the perspective of improving the tipping paper product level and reducing the cost of cigarette production in Harbin tobacco factory

it is estimated that the cost of the four pass battery performance improved color printing tipping paper produced by Harbin tobacco factory can be reduced by 10% compared with the use of the purchased similar products. At the same time, it also provides a guarantee for the consistency of the physical and chemical indicators of tobacco products, the continuity of cigarette production and use, and the quality of cigarettes. According to the appraisal of relevant departments, this product can completely replace the purchased similar products

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