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New building waterproof materials have been successfully developed and favored

traditional building waterproof materials refer to traditional petroleum asphalt paper-based felt, epoxy coal asphalt coating and other waterproof materials. This kind of waterproof material has the disadvantages of being sensitive to temperature, low tensile strength and elongation, and poor aging resistance: especially for exposed waterproof projects, its high and low temperature characteristics are not good, and it is easy to cause aging, cracking, deformation, breaking and decay. Although the waterproof practice of "three felts and four oils" has been stipulated for this kind of waterproof material to appropriately extend its durability, it has increased the thickness of the waterproof layer, At the same time, it also increases the labor intensity of workers, especially for roofs with complex roof shapes and many protruding roof parts, the construction is very difficult, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and it also increases the difficulty of maintenance. At present, the proportion of traditional asphalt paper-based sleeve felt used as waterproof layer in small and medium-sized cities is still very large, accounting for about 85% of waterproof materials in China, including glass cloth based felt and glass fiber based felt

compared with traditional building waterproof materials such as traditional stone sleeve asphalt felt and its auxiliary materials, the word "new" generally has two meanings: one is "new" for materials and the other is "new" for construction methods. It is an effective way to improve the performance index and waterproof function of traditional building waterproof materials and make traditional waterproof materials become "new" waterproof materials. For example, catalytic oxidation treatment of asphalt has fundamentally changed the low-temperature cold brittleness of asphalt, which has brought confidence to extruder enterprises to become high-quality oxidized asphalt, and the performance of paper-based asphalt felt has been greatly improved, On this basis, glass cloth tire and glass fiber tire are used to gradually replace paper tire, so as to further overcome the shortcomings of low strength, poor elongation and low oil absorption string of paper tire, and improve the quality of asphalt felt

however, it is not enough to improve the performance index and waterproof function of traditional building waterproof materials to make them become "new" waterproof materials. In order to improve the current situation of waterproof projects in China as soon as possible, the Ministry of construction has taken a series of comprehensive treatment measures and formulated policies and regulations for the development, promotion and application of new building waterproof materials and new waterproof construction technologies. In the policy of temperature change rate that can be guaranteed by building technology issued in 1986 "Improve the quality of asphalt waterproof materials and waterproof coatings, develop medium and high-grade waterproof coiled materials, coatings and waterproof caulking and sealing materials, focus on the development of new varieties of waterproof, fire-proof and thermal insulation materials during the Seventh Five Year Plan period, comprehensively carry out the research and development of application technology, establish and formulate product series, standards and application procedures, and generally reach the international level in the 1970s and 1980s in the next 10 years.", It points out the direction and development goals for the development of new building waterproof materials in China. These goals have been basically achieved at present

after more than 10 years of joint efforts, a large number of new waterproof materials with a wide variety and complete categories have been successfully developed and put into use, and have achieved gratifying results. New building waterproof materials mainly include synthetic polymer waterproof coiled materials, high polymer modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials, waterproof coatings, waterproof sealing materials, plugging materials, adhesive waterproof materials just forming new composite materials, etc. At present, domestic waterproof materials can basically meet the requirements of high, medium and low grade waterproof materials for national key projects, industrial and agricultural buildings and other construction projects

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