Successful localization of the hottest epoxy resin

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Successful localization of epoxy resin castables

the sudden global financial crisis has hindered the export of China's electronic products. In this case, Taizhou Huili Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shandong University and invested 30million yuan to successfully develop epoxy resin castable, a new material that can shorten the lead time to replace imported products, and seize the domestic wind power market

epoxy resin castables are mainly used to manufacture wind turbine blades, which are the most basic and key components of wind turbines. At present, domestic wind turbine blade manufacturing materials basically rely on foreign imports. According to zhouxiyan, general manager of Huili electronics, China is the fastest-growing wind energy technology market in the world. By 2020, the installed capacity of wind power generation will reach 100billion watts, and the demand for wind turbine blade manufacturing materials will increase sharply. At the beginning of this year, Huili Electric Co., Ltd. invested 10million yuan in the research and development of the verticality sub of the alignment cylinder. It cooperated with Shandong University to establish a new material research institute, and launched a breakthrough in the localization of epoxy resin castables, which was successful. The 7 indexes of the material have reached or exceeded those of similar foreign products after testing by domestic authorities. As a new material, the blade produced with Huili electronic epoxy resin castable is not only light in weight, but also has strong resistance strength. It can withstand the severe weather with a wide variety of product packages in the market, and its service life is as long as 20 years. In addition, this new material also has the advantage of price r20=rt*kt*1000/l. The price per kilogram of imported epoxy resin castables used to be as high as 70 yuan. Even affected by the financial crisis, the price per kilogram has remained at 45 yuan since the second half of last year, while the price per kilogram of Huili products is only 35 yuan. A 4-ton blade can save 40000 yuan. At present, Huili electronics has invested 20million yuan. Two epoxy resin castable production lines have been installed and debugged successfully. They will be put into operation in June and reach the production standard next year. At that time, 1500 ~ 1800 tons of epoxy resin castable can be produced, with an additional sales volume of 500million yuan

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