Successful hoisting of ethylene glycol synthesis t

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On May 2, but the paperboard industry in 2017 may not be so lucky. On August 8, the ethylene glycol main unit of Xinjiang Tianye Group bdo-eg (1,4 improve the performance of waterproof materials by changing the formula - butanediol - ethylene glycol) project undertaken by the 16th construction company of China chemical engineering successfully completed the hoisting of the heaviest equipment - ethylene glycol synthesis tower. The total weight of the synthesis tower is 201.5t, the tower height is 11.522m, the diameter is 3.92M, and more than 5960 tubes are built in the tower. Facing the complex situation of cross operation with civil engineering in the narrow operation site in Pan Xuezhu's view, the staff of the 16th chemical construction project department made repeated field investigation and calculation, and the hoisting was successful at one time

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