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Successful field test of domestic large-scale seismograph on November 19, the high-density 3D field test of domestic large-scale seismograph es109 developed by Dongfang geophysical exploration company was successful. This marks that the new seismic data acquisition and recording system, which is completely independently designed and manufactured and has independent intellectual property rights, has filled the gap of domestic large-scale seismic instruments through the examination and test in the production stage, and some of its technical performance has reached the international advanced level

large seismograph is the core equipment for oil exploration with dust cover when stone is not in use. China has always relied on imports. In recent years, international instrument manufacturers have actively developed the integration technology of seismic exploration instruments and equipment, which has made seismic instruments and related technologies highly integrated, and the degree of monopoly has become higher and higher, which has greatly restricted the technical development of China's geophysical exploration industry and its participation in international competition. Various formats of reports can be printed

in order to break the international monopoly and improve the independent research and development ability and innovation ability of China's oil core equipment, the group company listed the research and development of large-scale seismic instruments as the key scientific research project of PetroChina in the 11th Five Year Plan in April2006. During the whole project R & D process, Dongfang geophysical prospecting, which undertook the project, mainly adopted the method of independent R & D and introduced some single technologies. The consumption proportion of polyamide in the automotive industry was the largest. It cooperated with 13 domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes such as the software research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to tackle key problems, speed up the development progress and improve the technical level and quality level of products

after 4 years and 10 months of hard research, Dongfang geophysical exploration has finally completed its R & D goal and provided a variety of report printing interfaces to produce a prototype. Since July 25 this year, this instrument has successively completed nearly 30000 gun production tasks, such as 2D seismic acquisition in Junggar basin, 2D seismic acquisition in Gucheng and fine 3D seismic acquisition in Xiquan 1 well block. The instrument has withstood the tests of high temperature, low temperature, special surface and various adverse weather conditions, which fully proves the stability and reliability of es109 instrument, and can meet the needs of large number of avenues and massive 3D seismic data acquisition

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