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According to the Ministry of science and technology, China has made an important progress in the field of advanced reactors at the beginning of the new year. At 11:11 a.m. on January 7, we inspected the 10MW high temperature gas cooled test reactor, a key item of the National 863 program, and successfully generated power. It is understood that when the reactor is in critical operation, it has received extensive attention from the international nuclear energy community

according to the experts from the nuclear energy technology design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University who undertook the project, the elongation at break of high temperature General PE is 90% ~ 950% (among which the elongation of linear low density polyethylene LLDPE is high). The gas cooled reactor is a new generation of advanced reactor with high safety and potential economy. It uses helium as coolant, adopts all ceramic spherical fuel element, the maximum limiting temperature of fuel is 1600 ℃, and has high power generation efficiency. It can be applied to coal gasification and liquefaction, hydrogen production, petrochemical industry and other fields, and has broad application prospects in China's future energy system

10mw high temperature gas cooled test reactor was built in the Nuclear Research Institute of Tsinghua University in December, 2000. So far, 100 hot commissioning tests of safety related systems have been completed, including physical, thermal, equipment performance, system operation, environmental impact, etc., of which 28 important tests were carried out under the on-site supervision of experts from the national nuclear safety administration. According to relevant experts, through the design, construction, critical operation and parallel power generation of the reactor, 1 The pressure of the pressure stabilizing valve spring is insufficient; It has mastered the core technologies such as high temperature gas cooled reactor fuel element manufacturing, fuel element handling system and digital control and protection system. At the same time, it has formed a technology integration system for the R & D, design, processing and construction of this new type of reactor, which has accumulated valuable experience for the independent design and construction of advanced reactions in China

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