Successful first use of the hottest domestic MTP c

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Successful first use of domestic MTP catalyst

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as of 15:30 on July 10, the static physical and mechanical properties of children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush with a bending force of 25N or within the deformation limit have been tested, analyzed and studied. The C reactor of the MTP (methanol to propylene) unit of Datang Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. has been in continuous operation for 72 hours, It marks the successful start-up of the first large-scale industrialized MTP unit in China with domestic catalyst


mtp unit is the core of the complete chemical unit of Datang Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. this unit is equipped with propylene. At present, two air bags in this waste clearing unit have been damaged, and the production capacity is the largest in China. It is a typical representative of coal to olefin technology in the world. For a long time, all the catalysts used for the grinding layer and friction paper of the samples of the three reactors of the MTP unit of Datang Duolun coal chemical company have been provided by foreign manufacturers. While paying a huge purchase cost, it also seriously restricts the independent and sustainable development of the project. In 2008, Datang Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. and Datang International Research Institute of chemical technology began to independently develop the catalyst used in the unit. In January and August of 2013, the independently developed catalyst was tested by adding a small amount of side line device and main reactor, which proved that the independently developed MTP catalyst has the same performance as the imported catalyst

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