The new product, Da Mei Zunhua Yayun Oriental

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Guided by the murals of the new Chinese style, Zunhua unfolds a magnificent Chinese painting with folk songs and water dances

the pine row mountain is a thousand emeralds, and the moon point waves a pearl in the heart

the green carpet thread pulls out early rice, and the Qingluo skirt shows Xinpu

new Chinese style is an innovation that inherits the essence of traditional Chinese style and collides with modern trends

"Zunhua" is dominated by murals in the new Chinese style, launching a magnificent Chinese painting with folk songs and water dances

use ink and wash to outline and halo the Chinese style style full of charm

the lotus painting with ink halo is detached and flat,

the demeanor of the ink bamboo king with ethereal artistic conception,

just and chaste, the noble and sincere Magnolia stands proudly on the branches, and the sunset is warm and pleasant

through the understanding and refining of traditional culture, combine modern elements with traditional elements, and create a space full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people

using delicate yarn, the whole house is paved below 2.8 meters, and the effect is perfect

match with high saturation and high uniformity plain colors, use ivory, amber, glaze, tortoise shell, partridge, black and other colors, choose matte or bright colors according to needs, highlight the elegant literati temperament, and deduce different traditional Chinese cultural customs





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