Warmly celebrate the grand opening of Guangxi Guil

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Pinai cabinet has always been an export brand, which has a certain popularity abroad, and has established a good cooperation mode with foreign trade enterprises. In the past two years, it has developed investment attraction in the domestic market

at present, it has nearly 300 franchise stores, and it is also a fast-growing company in the industry

Quanzhou flagship store in Guilin, Guangxi Province

warmly celebrate the arrival of pinai cabinet in Quanzhou, Guilin, Guangxi, and its foothold in Quanzhou building materials City, Guilin. The store has more than 200 square meters. It is a competitive store in the whole building materials city. The regional manager rushed to the opening ceremony with the blessing of the sales team and the company. On the opening day, we have excellent products, reasonable prices and first-class service level, It caused many customers to enter the store to understand the products and boast, which was praised and praised by many customers. On the opening day, Guilin Quanzhou pinai cabinet franchise store successfully signed 38 orders. On a happy day and lucky numbers, we were destined to get together with president Tang and witnessed the good development future of pinai cabinet

pinai cabinet District, Quanzhou, Guilin, Guangxi Province

the concept of high-quality service is pinai's solemn commitment. Pinai is always committed to understanding customers and creating a perfect and harmonious space with customers. I hope that more friends who like the home industry can understand pinai and join our warm family. Finally, I wish: Guilin Quanzhou pinai cabinet franchise store is booming! Money is rolling




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