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Relatively speaking, the decoration of the office will be more exquisite, especially for the use of space and functions. They all want to make the small space play the greatest role, and also make their own office style more unique. Now let's introduce the decoration style of the office and how to lay out the office

what are the office decoration styles

1. Stable and concise

for example, for a large foreign trade group company like that old brand, they will choose a conservative style, which can help customers and business partners build confidence. Generally, they choose a square and upright design, while emphasizing the nobility and honor of temperament

2. Modern

this design is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. In terms of modeling, it will be relatively smooth, and a large number of lines will be used. At the same time, plants will be used to decorate it. This is also more suitable for making changes in a small space, so that the impact on the soul can be found between the lines and the changes of light and shadow

3. New and new types

don't stick to one style. Generally speaking, a large number of geometric patterns will be used as design elements. At the same time, there is a strong contrast between light and shade, and a large number of new decoration materials will be used

4. Simple

this kind of decoration is simple. Generally speaking, it is also practical, and it is less to use those personalized materials. Generally speaking, this kind of decoration is more suitable for small companies and offices

how to layout the office

1. Welcome area

welcome area is designed on the right side of the door, but ultimately it should be determined according to people's habits and Feng Shui, so it may be placed on the right side of the door when the office layout designs the reception area

2. Corporate culture wall

this area is the display area and product display area, so you can consider setting it on the left side of the door, and you can consider placing a display rack on the wall. You should know that this can bring visual impact to people, and at the same time, it can let people know products, corporate culture and business philosophy at the first time

3. High level office

relatively speaking, the high-level office should focus on its location. We should know that the most important structure of a company is the high-level, and they have the decision-making power, so the office feng shui must be well arranged

4. Meeting room

generally speaking, the meeting room will be designed in the innermost part of the office. You should know that the meeting room is generally designed to take into account the company's operation and confidentiality, so its privacy will be relatively considered in the design

5. Staff office area

the office must avoid the place opposite to the toilet. At the same time, it should be considered that the desk should not be placed under the beam in the design, so as not to give people a sense of depression

summary: This is about the office decoration style and how to layout the office. The above recommends several office decoration styles, which can be selected according to your own requirements. Different styles have different representativeness, so you must choose the office decoration style that is suitable for you





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