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The autumn wind blows cold and warm. Weihai citizens are busy with decoration. One autumn rain and one cold weather have brought a lot of inconvenience to family decoration, and the home decoration market has also ushered in the off-season of the year. On October 29, the author visited several decoration companies in Rushan District of Weihai and learned that they have said that they have received few new orders recently and are busy with the finishing work

(check all pictures and news in China) on the morning of the 29th, a citizen discussed the decoration scheme of wooden doors with the designer in a decoration company on Xinhua street

home decoration company welcomes the off-season

on the morning of the 29th, the author learned from a decoration company on Xinhua Street in the urban area that the company has not received new home decoration orders recently. "It's easy to freeze when it's cold, and the putty on the wall is easy to fall off if it's not dry, so citizens rarely place decoration orders at this time, and now they are busy with finishing work." Mr. Zhao, the person in charge of the company, said

according to Mr. Zhao, it is also not suitable for decoration in summer. The air is humid, and the putty is not easy to dry, and the wall will grow hair. The good season for home decoration is in spring and autumn, that is, from March to May and from September to October every year. "Unless you are in a hurry to get married and want to rush to decorate your new house before marriage, few citizens will choose to decorate at this time." Mr. Zhao said

later, the author visited several other decoration companies in the urban area and learned that citizens' enthusiasm for home decoration decreased significantly with the cold weather. Ms. Li, who came to consult about the decoration, told the author: "my new house has just been delivered, and I really want to decorate my new house as soon as possible, but considering the seasonal decoration disadvantages, I'd better wait until tomorrow spring."

home improvement companies work hard

"due to the real estate downturn in recent years, even in spring and autumn, home improvement orders have shrunk a lot compared with previous years." Mr. Zhao said. It is understood that many home decoration companies have begun to diversify beyond retaining their main business of decoration. In addition to decoration, home decoration design, material purchase, engineering construction, etc., some home decoration companies are even involved in furniture manufacturing to create their own furniture brands

it is understood that some home decoration companies have opened their own furniture stores, hoping to find a curve to save the market. Mr. Zhao told the author: "now the company will concentrate workers on furniture manufacturing in the off-season, and customers can choose directly according to their preferences during decoration, which also saves customers' decoration time."

many citizens agree with and recognize the diversified business mode of home decoration companies and the provision of a full range of decoration services. Ms. Guo, a citizen who just finished decorating his new home, said, "from professional design, material selection to construction, I only need to provide simple decoration suggestions in the whole decoration process, and I can have a new home within the specified time. It's really professional and easy."

there are many decoration precautions

for citizens who have decoration requirements in winter, Mr. Li, an insider, reminds citizens to pay more attention to the choice of style, the budget of construction period, and the deformation of wood

first of all, in the choice of style, people will unconsciously like some warmer colors because the weather turns cooler. Especially in rooms facing south, if the whole room is warm, it will feel dry and hot in summer. Therefore, citizens should create a home environment that is suitable for them in all seasons

secondly, winter is close to the end of the year, which is fast approaching the time for many decoration workers to return home. Coupled with the temperature, it affects the progress of the project. If the decoration work cannot be completed before the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that there will be rough workmanship and delayed construction period. Therefore, the winter decoration should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of time

finally, when decorating in winter, the gap between doors and windows should not be too small to avoid expansion and tightness caused by summer heat. Therefore, reserving gaps to allow the wood to shrink can avoid the deformation of the wood in the future





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