The hottest new packaging tube shows a low profile

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The new packaging tube shows a low profile

many companies in the market have been looking for completely lightweight packaging. This new package created by TricorBraun focuses on the opportunity to reduce raw materials, adopts a complete tubular packaging, and the outer wall of the packaging tube is completely decorated with words

this unique high-density polyethylene snap in pipe head is jointly developed by TricorBraun and Silgan tubes, and its weight is 30% lighter than ordinary pipe heads of the same size. TricorBraun also has the exclusive agency right for a series of products produced by giflor, a cover manufacturer in North America and Italy. Its products include a new environmentally friendly and low-key flip seal cover, which is only half the weight of a traditional seal cover of the same size

all this means that an environmentally friendly and low-key packaging tube/sealing solution is at least 30% lighter than the traditional combined packaging containing products of the same capacity

the packaging solution can be smoothly embedded into the product line of brand owners without adjusting their filling process. In order to continue the requirements of realizing lightweight and continuously improving power output, such a change is also obvious to consumers, because the performance of this atmospheric and low-key packaging tube is not much different from that of the traditional packaging tube, including the overturned sealed opening and the extruded packaging tube

at present, this environmentally friendly and low-key packaging tube/sealing solution has been launched in the style of two inches in diameter, and other specifications of packaging tubes will be launched in succession

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