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05p001 solution running pump tripping causes and treatment

05p001 solution pump is a large pump that sends decarburization lean solution to the absorption tower for CO2 absorption. An elimination method: take out the damping needle, a running pump and a standby pump. Its operating parameters are as follows:

voltage: 6000V; Speed: 298r/min; Rated power; 1700kW; Inlet pressure: 65kpa; Rated flow: 950m3/h; Outlet pressure: 4.604mpa

1 05p001 Trip Reasons

(1) the power supply of 05p001a/B two pumps are connected to the A and B series of the main transformer respectively. If the circuit corresponding to the running pump is powered off, the running pump will trip

(2) the interlock pasll05070/81 with low lubricating oil pressure acts, which will cause the pump to trip

(3) the use of high motor temperature interlock tashfrp in bridges is increasing. H053, host operation 037/38 action, causing 05p001a trip; High motor temperature interlock tashh05039/40 action will cause 05p001b trip

2 trip phenomenon

(1) if the pump trips due to low lubricating oil pressure or high motor temperature, the corresponding interlock signal will be displayed on the DCS screen of the central control room

(2) after the pump trips, the words 05p001a or B stop are displayed on the DCS in the central control room

(3) the lean liquid flow meter ft05001/2 has a low alarm

3 accident handling

if 05p001 running pump stops, the solution circulation will be immediately interrupted. Even if another standby pump is started in a very short time, the C02 carried over during this period of time can overheat the methanation furnace and damage the catalyst. Therefore, once 05p001 running pump trips, the decarbonization system must be completely stopped

the steps are as follows:

(1) the master control presses the emergency stop buttons trip F and trip e, closes the liquid level regulating valve lv05007a/b of the absorption tower, stops the hydraulic turbine 05mt01 if the pump a stops, and stops the synthesis system for treatment

(2) vent the process gas at the reforming gas vent valve pv04001, close the decarbonization gas vent valve p05001, and maintain the pressure of the absorption tower

(3) quickly open the medium pressure steam vent valve pv03054b, adjust the high and medium pressure pipes, stabilize the water carbon ratio of the primary boiler, and adjust the fuel of the conversion system

(4) stop steam compressor 05k001 and inform urea to stop

(5) close the stripping steam regulating valve fv05011 and its shut-off valve, cut off the stripper 05c003, open the vent, and slowly relieve the pressure

(6) close the process gas inlet and outlet valves of the absorption tower, confirm that the quick closing valve xv05001 of the absorption tower solution and the quick closing valve xv0600l of the methanation furnace inlet are closed, and close the shut-off valve at the methanation furnace outlet and the large process gas inlet valve of the decarbonization unit

(7) close all ejectors, and close the liquid level regulating valve and shut-off valve of the absorption tower

(8) close the circulating cooling water of lean liquid heat exchanger 05e010

(9) fill the regeneration tower with N2 and try to recover the circulation as soon as possible

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