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The new packaging of health culture has made it a new international tobacco giant (IV)

at present, the solutions that have emerged mainly focus on three aspects: 1. The drawer type representative product is the drawer type structure of twelve "Zhonghua" brand cigarettes produced by Shanghai cigarette factory. The structure is simple, and the way of smoking is used to make smoking civilized, but it is not very convenient to use, and the stiffness of the overall cigarette box is also poor. At present, only as a special variety, it is mainly used for small package of cigarette hard box

2, the side opening includes two forms, side push type and side flip type

these two forms can achieve a certain sanitary cigarette taking effect. However, this packaging method has a common disadvantage: it is not easy to take out the second half of the box of cigarettes, and it is not very easy to open the box with your hand. Therefore, this method is also limited

3, chemical bacteriostasis adopts the technology of paper cigarette packaging with special filter nozzle after chemical treatment

can only be said to have a certain health prevention effect. However, chemical bactericidal drugs enter the human body through the oral cavity and accumulate in the human body for a long time, which has the hidden danger of new biochemical hazards. At the same time, the chemical sterilization method also has its limitation of timeliness, scope and degree, and the variety and concentration of bacteria exposed to human hands are more complex. In addition, the speed of cigarette holder inlet also has size, so all-round sterilization and 100% sterilization are unrealistic. In addition, non bacterial pollution such as mud, pesticides and sweat stains on hands can also pose a threat to human health, and chemical bacteriostasis can do nothing about this non bacterial pollution. Therefore, the more safe, thorough and cost-effective way is to seek to adopt physical and rational health packaging

the new revolutionary cigarette health packaging technology can only be achieved if it meets the following requirements

1, first of all, it is a technical problem that is generally concerned by the society and has not been solved, and it should have the support rate and recognition of more than 90% of ordinary consumers' intention to use

2, the technology that can be widely adopted by the whole industry within a few years after the technical problem is solved

3, is a physical way, and has obvious sanitary effect

4. In order to make it convenient for consumers to use, conform to consumers' habits, and have a simple and beautiful appearance

5, mechanical packaging can be used, and there is no need to make major changes to the existing tobacco packaging equipment, which is better

6, The cost hardly increases or does not affect the overall cost of cigarettes

tobacco packaging technology that meets the above conditions is a revolutionary tobacco health packaging technology with high added value. In this regard, the power is transmitted through the piston itself. People of insight from all walks of life of China tobacco have made a lot of efforts, and their packaging design has also reached the world leading level. They have already had a deep foundation for the emergence of revolutionary health packaging technology. The emergence of health packaging technology in China is only a matter of time

hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette box - the fourth technological revolution of tobacco health packaging

hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette box meets all six conditions of the above revolutionary tobacco health packaging technology, and is a revolutionary tobacco health packaging technology with high added value

working principle: the mature "flip structure" of the traditional flip cigarette box and the "drawer structure" that can realize sanitation are cleverly integrated together to design a new generation of health cigarette box packaging with both sanitation and anti-counterfeiting -- sanitary anti-counterfeiting cigarette box

it is only two different from the common flip type cigarette box in the market at present: 1. There is an additional drawer type lining connected with the top cover; 2. There is a dot connected anti-counterfeiting structure between the back of the cigarette box and the box body

in the process of use, the dot connection on the back of the cigarette box can be slid away by fingers like a stamp, which is divided into two parts: the box cover and the box body. This process is irreversible and destructive, and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. This can prevent the use of old cigarette packs to renovate sets of fake cigarettes to harm consumers and cigarette factories from happening again. When extracting cigarettes, just pull the drawer type box cover to move up. When the exposed white cigarette paper part is long enough, you can open the box cover, pinch the white cigarette paper part of the cigarette with your fingers and take out the cigarette, so as to fundamentally ensure the hygiene of smoking and cigarette delivery, as shown in the figure

due to its unique concept of health packaging, it not only meets the six conditions for the revolutionary health packaging technology to reach, but also increases the unique anti-counterfeiting effect, and eliminates the possibility of using old cigarette boxes to renovate packages to harm consumers and cigarette factories, and there is no need to make major technological changes to the existing cigarette packaging equipment, So that it will have a very broad development space in the healthy cigarette packaging market without oil flowing out of the return pipe, which is expected to replace the existing

unhygienic traditional cigarette packaging methods, and bring the fourth healthy packaging technology revolution in the tobacco industry

hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette boxes -- the birth of China's international tobacco giant

quality is the foundation, channel is the key, the decisive battle is at the terminal, and the decisive victory is at the terminal

in addition to the indirect promotion of tobacco corporate culture, the packaging design of tobacco retail terminals and more scientific and humanized sales terminals that mainly communicate with consumers will play a key role in the successful publicity of a cigarette brand and the establishment of famous and high-quality brands

Larry light, a world-famous brand marketing expert, once said that "owning the market is more important than owning the factory, and controlling the retail market is the real sense of owning the market"

at present, China's retail terminals are mainly controlled by local tobacco monopoly companies and self-employed operators. In addition, local protectionism is quite serious, and there are many cigarette competitive brands. It is not very realistic for tobacco enterprises to highlight their efforts to publicize their brands by controlling retail terminals, which must be quite difficult. Only through the more scientific and humanized healthy packaging design of cigarette packs - Hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette packs, can we legally form a technological monopoly in China and in the world, and then we can win by surprise, just as Philip Morris took the lead in adopting a more humanized filter tip and soon gave birth to a world-class tobacco giant

the promotional function of cigarette packaging is nothing more than cigarette label design and cigarette box structure design

cigarette label design is a space that all cigarette factories can play. It is not difficult, and it is difficult to form a monopoly. It has limited effect on the establishment and emergence of strong brands of enterprises. It is difficult to design the structure of the cigarette box itself, but once it is successfully applied, it can form a technological monopoly, giving birth to a super strong brand and a super strong international tobacco giant. Few industries, like the tobacco industry, deeply reflect the great power of "science and technology is the primary productive force" and generate a huge driving force for the development of tobacco enterprises

independent research and development requires time, talents, funds and confidence, and also bears the risk of research and development failure. At present, the reality of Chinese tobacco enterprises is mainly the lack of self-confidence, talents and the risk of research and development failure

however, the successful development of hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette boxes may make Chinese tobacco enterprises skip this problem. This more scientific and humanized cigarette health packaging technology - "Hygienic anti-counterfeiting cigarette boxes" has been born, and three national invention and practical new patents have been applied (acceptance numbers are:.0/.8/.4 respectively)

everything is ready, only due to the east wind

after more than ten years of repeated thinking and the successful crystallization of nearly a thousand experiments by the inventor, it is now fair to every cigarette factory. Anyone can take the lead in using it and obtain the exclusive monopoly right for three years. The key is which cigarette enterprise can take the lead in recognizing and accepting it with confidence. The tobacco giant Renault developed the filter, but the then weak Philip Morris Company seized the opportunity to take the lead in boldly and actively adopting it, and then magically quickly gave birth to its position as the big brother of the world tobacco industry, which has been until today

every health technology revolution in the tobacco industry will spawn several visionary international tobacco giants, and the fourth tobacco health technology revolution has fortunately occurred in China, so which Chinese tobacco enterprise will be spawned to become a new international giant? It's still a pity that it still needs a lot of exercise for novices to buy experimental machines. Foreign tobacco enterprises have taken the lead, and domestic tobacco enterprises have lost a good opportunity to grow

we will wait and see...

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