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New PACSystems CPU meets the needs of high-end control applications

Intel processor solves the key requirements of high-speed processing, built-in communication and large capacity data storage

Charlottesville, VA, June 30, 2010 - Ge intelligent platform today announced that PACSystems RX3i CPU series has added new members and more powerful performance. The new RX3i cpu31 single car is made of special steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. 15 it is designed to meet the needs of high-performance control applications, especially for a wide range of applications requiring massive data and application optimization. The new CPU will play an effective role in water and wastewater treatment, power and process control

PACSystems of Ge intelligent platform performs well in high demand control applications, and cpu315 will enable users to achieve a greater leap in performance, said Bill black, product manager of controller. Compared with other processors on the market, this product is extremely competitive and will meet the stringent requirements of high-end customers

pacsystems RX3i cpu315 combines a powerful Intel m class 1GHz processor with unprecedented speed and performance. The efficiency of cpu315 can reduce machine cycle time and thus improve productivity. In addition to improving performance, cpu315 also provides 20mbytes of user memory, twice as much as before, which can meet the important customer requirements of high-speed processing and large-capacity data storage

the key features of PACSystems RX3i cpu315 include:

20 Mbytes battery backed user memory and 20 Mbytes permanent user flash memory

obtain massive memory through the memo table%w

configurable data and program memory

support ladder diagram, structured text, function block diagram, C language and other programming languages

automatic positioning symbol variables can use user memory of various capacities

the reference table size includes 32kbits for discrete%i and%q and 32kwords for each simulation%ai and%aq

the provincial Party committee of each democratic party supports up to 512 program blocks. The maximum block size supported is 128KB

two serial ports: RS-485 serial port and RS-232 serial port

PACSystems RX3i controller belongs to the PACSystems product series of GE's innovative programmable automatic controller (PAC). Like other products in the series, the main features of PACSystems RX3i are a single control engine and a general programming environment, so as to achieve application portability across hardware platforms and truly integrate a variety of control options. PACSystems control engine can make several different platforms with the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, small size, light weight and intuitive reading have high performance, which helps OEMs and end users adapt to the variability of applications and choose the appropriate control system hardware to meet their own needs, all of which are contained in a single, compact and highly integrated package

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Ge intelligent platform is a high-tech enterprise that provides users around the world with software, hardware and technical services for automatic control and embedded computing. We provide users with a unique, flexible and ultra reliable technology base, which enables them to obtain sustainable advantages in industries including energy, water treatment, consumer goods, national defense and defense, as well as communications. Ge intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a member of Ge enterprise solutions group. For more information, please visit: W does not absorb moisture, does not contain crystal water (except flame retardants), acid and alkali resistance

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