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New packaging technology "Kaleidoscope" (II)

fresh keeping packaging technology

fresh keeping packaging technology is produced with the development of fresh keeping packaging materials and packaging technology. Fresh keeping packaging technology is the unitization of storage and fresh keeping technology. Today, people's lifestyle and consumption awareness are constantly changing, gradually shifting from processed food to natural and fresh food, closely combining nutrition and taste, especially taking whether it is fresh and the amount of nutritional components as important indicators for choosing food. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products has become very necessary. The internationalization of agricultural products trade and the increasing market competition have provided a greater place for the fresh-keeping packaging technology

at present, modified atmosphere packaging technology, multi-functional preservatives and various fresh-keeping films are mainly used to realize the fresh-keeping packaging technology of products. The plastic granulator for fresh-keeping bags in the future is also China's energy consuming household packaging technology, which will present two research hotspots: biological fresh-keeping technology and functional fresh-keeping packaging materials, as well as packaging processing technology that can only rely on imports to match them

modified atmosphere packaging technology was first developed by the British as a gas storage method. Later, combined with the characteristics of packaging materials, different gases were added to the packaging according to the characteristics of different agricultural products, and then combined with cold storage technology, the fresh-keeping quality of agricultural products could be greatly improved and the shelf life of agricultural products could be extended. This modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology has a good fresh-keeping effect on fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, which is an effective space preservation technology of a testing machine most used in modern fresh-keeping packaging. Multifunctional preservatives can effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic, anaerobic, facultative (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic) and other microorganisms, and are simple and safe to use without affecting food flavor. All kinds of moisture permeable fresh-keeping films and nano fresh-keeping films have the functions of balancing water and keeping fresh, and are often used in the fresh-keeping packaging of vegetables, fruits, etc. Because of this, we often see some vegetables and fruits packed with fresh-keeping film on the shelves of supermarkets

aseptic packaging technology

articles are constantly polluted by various microorganisms in the process of production, packaging, transportation and storage, which makes articles contain a large number of microorganisms. Although chemical agents, controlled atmosphere, high temperature, low temperature and other sterilization technologies can be used for sterilization, sterilization alone is not enough. Because many items cannot be kept in a sterile environment all the time, especially some foods. Therefore, aseptic packaging technology is widely used in food packaging. The so-called aseptic packaging technology is a packaging technology that fills and seals in a sterile environment when the packaged goods, packaging containers or materials, and packaging aids are sterile. The main research object of aseptic packaging technology is the packaging of food and beverage, followed by the packaging of heat sensitive products (such as medicine)

the main sterilization methods of sterile packaging technology are: ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology, pasteurization technology, ohmic sterilization technology, resistance heating UHT sterilization method. At present, with the continuous updating of sterilization technology, aseptic packaging technology is gradually getting rid of the traditional mode and developing towards a new sterilization method. For example, nowadays, the combination of high-intensity ultraviolet light and low concentration hydrogen peroxide is often used to sterilize the packaging containers

relevant experts believe that the overall level of China's packaging industry is many years behind that of some developed countries, but this gap also shows the growth potential of China's packaging industry. For products with aseptic packaging, in developed countries, such packaging has accounted for more than 65% of the whole beverage, with an average annual growth rate of 5% - 10%, and some countries consume more than 100 packages per capita per year. However, the per capita annual consumption in China is only more than 1 bag, far from the world average of 20 bags per person per year. Therefore, sterile packaging has great development potential in China

with the rapid development of China's economy, the aseptic packaging technology of food will continue to improve. China's packaging enterprises should lose no time in researching and developing packaging products applied to aseptic packaging, so that aseptic packaging will become a new bright spot in the development of China's packaging enterprises

packaging and processing combined technology

with the continuous acceleration of people's pace of life, all kinds of convenient packaging continue to be sought after by the market. The combination of packaging and processing technology can be described as a representative of convenient packaging. Self heating and self cooling packaging is a typical technology for the combination of packaging and processing. In addition, packaging solidification technology (solidification and drying energy are being updated, from heat energy to light energy), packaging cutting and molding technology (new cutting and molding equipment) the feeling of pain after intense exercise, everyone has experienced, packaging and processing technology (packaging and processing), packaging function borrowing Technology (packaging function exceeds packaging, value-added effect) Packaging function protection technology (adding functional components such as fresh-keeping, sterilization, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti odor, etc. into packaging materials) is also often applied to the packaging of goods. Among them, the most promising technology is the combination of packaging and processing, which solves many processing technologies, directly borrows the packaging mechanism, realizes the integration of packaging and processing, and makes packaging more potential and role. (2)

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