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The 2001 New Orleans Expo (NEXPO) brought a new impact to the newspaper industry

the New Orleans Expo has always been known for the luxury of exhibitors and huge trading volume, but now it is as old as yesterday. Although the production technology of various polyurethane raw materials in China is advanced and the production level is higher than that in previous years, the exhibitors are frustrated in many aspects. NAA has felt the pressure of exhibitors and must find ways to reverse this situation. The New Orleans Expo has always been a major event in the publishing industry, but now it has become a nightmare for many people in the industry. This year, the number of exhibitors and visitors to the Expo has been greatly reduced, and the number of professional visitors and potential customers has decreased. It's time to turn the tide

of course, this situation is largely due to the recession of the entire industry economy, but the following facts have to be paid attention to by the industry: the New York Times cut% of its employees to save $10000; The Philadelphia Inquirer cut 200 employees; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee lost 30 positions; The Wall Street Journal cut staff. Of course, the magazine industry is no exception. But even in the economic boom days, exhibitors have not seen the prosperity in the past few years. This year's situation can not be completely attributed to the economic downturn that began this year. In the past few years, the number of exhibitors has plummeted. Most exhibitors hope that NAA can take measures to revitalize the New Orleans Expo, so that everyone can recall their interest in participating, otherwise the next Orlando Expo will be unimaginable

of course, NAA should still have some methods. Some large exhibitors at the Expo suggested that this kind of Expo should be held every two years, preferably the New Orleans Expo and IFRA should be held in turn every two years. This approach is more meaningful than 10 years ago, because modern marketing is carried out on a broader global scale. Of course, it costs more to go from Chicago to Amsterdam than to Orlando, but it is not impossible to go to Europe every two years. Of course, it is doubtful whether this proposal can really be obtained by IFRA and NAA, but it is advisable for the two organizations to consider it carefully

another suggestion of exhibitors is to let NAA hold fewer activities every year, or combine several activities together. This will reduce the cost of participants and increase the importance of the event. With regard to the New Orleans Expo, it was suggested that it be held together with the superconference in January in the season of climate warming. Maybe more people are willing to attend the Orlando or New Orleans Expo in June

of course, NAA had better discuss how to revitalize the Expo with all exhibitors, not just large exhibitors. Maybe other participants have better suggestions, because they know best why their customers don't come to the Expo anymore

in addition, for exhibitors who will continue to participate in the Expo, they should work hard to arrange potential customers to come to the Expo to watch the company's presentation before participating, which reduces the uncertainty of exhibitors to visiting visitors. However, an Expo like New Orleans should be able to bring new customers to exhibitors to make up for the cost of booth and labor, as well as the cost of their participation from their normal work. Unfortunately, this goal has been difficult to achieve

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