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New outlet of flexible packaging gravure printing industry environmental protection and intelligence

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core tips: [China Packaging News] in recent years, the competitive pressure of flexible packaging gravure printing industry has been increasing, and affected by upstream industries (raw and auxiliary materials) and downstream enterprises (customers), flexible packaging

[China Packaging News] in recent years, The competitive pressure of flexible packaging gravure printing industry is increasing, and the living space of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises is constantly squeezed by the influence of upstream industries (raw and auxiliary materials) and downstream enterprises (customers). In this harsh situation, more and more flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises, our machines can stand the test of a long time, and the industry has begun to realize that enterprises must really pay attention to understand the real demand of commodities for flexible packaging, must adjust the packaging structure, and must carry out transformation and upgrading in order to have room for improvement. In the context of green environmental protection, the transformation of flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises from traditional processors to overall solution providers that require environmental experimental equipment to have the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use, long service life and so on is a historical opportunity for the flexible packaging gravure printing industry. The new technology, new process, new equipment and new materials of the flexible packaging gravure printing industry will develop rapidly in the direction of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing losses, and improving quality and efficiency. In this context, a series of new technologies, such as benzene free technology, loss control, efficient drying device, solvent recovery, have been applied to the flexible packaging gravure printing industry

transformation and upgrading of gravure printing and other equipment

the largest material loss in the gravure production process is the waste generated by startup commissioning and inaccurate overprinting. If the fine adjustment operation is closely linked with the process steps, a stable and predictable waste value can be obtained. Domestic gravure equipment manufacturing enterprises adopt the latest technologies such as rapid pre registration and high-precision tension control, which makes the cutting loss, equipment restart loss (already registered), order replacement loss, restart of previously stored orders loss, speed reduction loss, etc. reach a very low level, and even better than the international advanced level in some aspects

under the pressure of small profits of flexible packaging products, domestic flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises have paid more and more attention to the material consumption index in the processing process of printing or composite equipment (including normal roll changing) when selecting equipment, in order to reduce the product cost to the greatest extent. Therefore, material loss data has become an important consideration index for flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises to choose equipment

nowadays, the operation assistance time of advanced gravure printing machines is greatly shortened. The integrated car for loading and inking realizes the integrated operation of loading, transporting and inking, and can clean the plate roller and ink tank offline; Through the rapid inking system, the solvent is directly fed into the ink tray from the solvent room, and the feeding amount is directly controlled by the ink viscosity controller; The sleeve pressing roller technology does not need to replace the tooling, which reduces the labor intensity and greatly shortens the replacement time; The technology of rapid replacement of scraper realizes the rapid replacement of scraper; The laser alignment system and the safety chuck quick clamping system realize fast winding up and down; Fault display and alarm help maintenance personnel quickly diagnose and repair; Historical fault alarm indication can reduce the time for maintenance personnel to troubleshoot

in gravure printing production process, the energy consumed by drying oven accounts for a large proportion. The application of heat pump technology, waste heat recovery system and layered drying oven effectively reduces the consumption of heat energy. The full-automatic monitoring drying system based on LEL can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also prevent the risk of explosion and combustion in the drying system, and greatly reduce the cost of tail gas treatment

exhaust emission control

there are three main ways to control the VOC emission of gravure printing, namely, source control, process management and end treatment. Source control is to reduce the use of organic solvents from the beginning of the printing process, so as to achieve v. the following specifications can also be customized: M6, M8, M10; OC emission reduction purpose. The main measure is to promote raw and auxiliary materials such as environmental friendly inks and cleaning agents with low or no VOC, such as water-based inks and single solvent inks

process management is to achieve VOC emission reduction by improving drying efficiency and production site management during printing processing. The main measures are to carry out technological innovation on the printing machine, reduce the air volume and increase the concentration of VOC emitted by production, and increase the utilization of heat energy, such as adding LEL devices for equipment, reducing solvent volatilization at the workshop site, capping ink tanks, promoting cleaner production, and carrying out green printing certification

at present, there are two main directions for end treatment, namely recycling and combustion treatment. The recovered volatile organic compounds can be directly or simply purified and then returned to the process for reuse, so as to reduce the consumption of raw materials, or used in the production process with low quality requirements for organic solvents or centralized separation and purification. At present, some large-scale flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises have begun to recycle the exhaust gas (solvent), whether it is adsorption recovery method or regenerative catalytic combustion method. It is believed that flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises can obtain certain economic and social benefits

benzene free gravure printing ink and the application of integrated ink

with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development becoming increasingly popular, the relevant national environmental protection policies have changed from the stage of having laws to the stage of strict law enforcement, and the requirements of terminal enterprises for environmental protection are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the benzene free process of flexible packaging gravure printing industry is bound to accelerate

from benzene containing ink to no preservative with low viscosity, benzene ink and flexible packaging gravure printing industry is a major technological progress, and it is also another innovation of environmental protection technology in the ink industry. Backbone enterprises in the industry and some small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to fully use benzene free ink. However, for small enterprises, benzene (toluene, xylene) containing inks are still the main ones, which urgently needs to be standardized

at present, integrated ink has been widely used in some large flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises, and it will become an important development direction of gravure printing ink

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