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New Oriental ink: go against the current and draw a grand plan with scientific research

: it is understood that in 2011, due to the rising costs of raw materials, labor, taxes and so on, coupled with the plasticizer storm, the situation of the entire ink industry was in the doldrums, but New Oriental ink still achieved a sales revenue of 226million yuan, which can be described as maintaining a stable development. Under adverse circumstances, what is the way for New Oriental ink to survive and develop

Li: our products are mainly environmentally friendly inks and composite adhesives. After 30 years in the industry, we know that the production of green ink is the general trend. Based on the enterprise to society, the company strictly abides by relevant national laws and regulations as well as industry standards and norms, and took the lead in putting forward the concept of green ink in the industry in 2008. After four years of development, New Oriental ink Co., Ltd. has become one of the top ten enterprises in China's ink industry. We are proud to say that our green ink products have been ahead of our domestic counterparts. Whether it is xufuji, Yashili, Shuanghui, missing and many other domestic well-known brand customers have favored us

the economic situation in 2011 was sluggish. We focused on the high-end environmental protection market and paid close attention to product quality and plan management. In this year, the scientific research building built by the company with huge investment was successfully put into use, and the scientific research force within the company was centralized and integrated. It is in this way that we exceeded the annual economic indicators and passed the winter of the ink industry

: we know that New Oriental ink started as a traditional raw material in the packaging industry, and then began to produce high-tech green environmental friendly ink. During this period, New Oriental ink must have encountered many difficulties and setbacks. How did you overcome them and seek development

Li: just mentioned that we were under a lot of pressure when environmental friendly ink came out, which was not only an urgent problem of external wall insulation. At that time, almost all ink industries used benzene soluble inks. Therefore, in the thinking of insiders, manufacturing benzene free ink is almost something that can only be thought of but difficult to achieve in China. But since we put forward the concept of benzene free environmental friendly ink, we must realize it

at that time, the company invested a lot of energy and material resources in scientific research, introducing advanced technical formulas and consulting and learning from leading peers at home and abroad. After countless experiments, we finally obtained the certification of benzene free ink and got the market pass to sell green and environmental friendly ink. Then, alcohol soluble inks, benzene free and ketone free inks, water-based inks, etc. were developed one after another. Many printing and packaging enterprises that have used these products are full of praise, and our products have gradually opened up a situation in the market. Recently, 300 type cooking resistant composite ink and the new generation of super Lifu alcohol soluble plastic cooking resistant surface printing ink have been successfully recognized as a national Torch Program project and a national new product by the Ministry of science and technology

ouyangming said that it can be said that the continuous development of new products is a magic weapon for New Oriental ink to go upstream and seek survival and development space, and it is also a magic weapon for us to win in the leading position in the industry

: so many new products have been developed and put into the market, which is enough to prove the strength of New Oriental ink research team. On your station, you can also see the enterprise purpose of science and technology leading. As a national high-tech enterprise, what is the special feature of New Oriental ink in scientific research

Li: as mentioned earlier, the R & D building was put into use last year, which shows that we attach importance to scientific research. The technology research and development center is our core team, under the direct leadership of the president, responsible for product quality improvement, new product research and development and other responsibilities. At present, it includes the R & D center and the quality control center, with 43 R & D personnel, including 12 project engineers. These people have independent R & D capabilities

our investment in scientific research equipment is also huge. In 2011, we may see aluminum alloy doors and windows, car wheels and engine covers, the outer aluminum shell of notebook computers or mobile phones, which cost more than 3 million yuan to introduce eight color high-speed color printing machines, and equipped with imported equipment that can test the quality of ink at the first time. In addition, we have many other advanced production and testing equipment, and have maintained close cooperation with many scientific research institutions such as Beijing Institute of chemical technology and Beijing University of chemical technology. 2. The minimum reading value of experimental power (n) 0.01 0.10

: the progress of science and technology requires a large number of talents. As mentioned earlier, New Oriental ink takes the introduction of technical talents as the breakthrough of enterprise transformation and upgrading. Please give us a detailed introduction about how the enterprise does to introduce and stabilize talents

Li: we will regularly participate in job fairs organized by the society, and also hold special job fairs in conjunction with colleges and universities. In particular, Zhejiang University of technology, Jiaxing University, Jiangnan University and other institutions that have cooperative relations with us will send us a large number of talents majoring in polymer materials and chemical engineering every year. These professionals are the most lacking in our industry

in terms of stabilizing talents, we not only provide these high-tech talents with a first-class scientific research environment, but also provide researchers with sufficient R & D funds and R & D awards. The salary of technical personnel is closely related to their scientific research projects. It is worth mentioning that we also have a scoring system, which connects the relevant departments of sales, production, scientific research, procurement, quality and so on to score engineers. Such an approach can promote the scientific research achievements of engineers to be linked with the actual departments, and gradually guide researchers from passive scientific research to active scientific research

: as far as we know, New Oriental ink is the only ink manufacturer of the green printing environmental protection system construction project in the central financial budget investment of the 12th Five Year Plan of the national development and Reform Commission. What is the enterprise's plan for these five years

Li: New Oriental ink has been seeking self breakthrough, and is also actively preparing for listing. In these five years, we will continue to consolidate our internal foundation, increase investment in scientific research, and complete the construction projects of the 12th Five Year Plan. In terms of actively promoting the talent strategy, we plan to reach 80% of the staff with college degree or above in the company by 2015. In terms of expanding product sales, we plan to achieve a sales output value of 500million yuan by 2015

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