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Fuzhou University successfully developed a new type of organic solvent absorbent

Fuzhou University recently prepared OSR type efficient organic solvent absorbent. As a new type of functional polymer environmental protection material, the absorbent can play a role in the treatment of water environment. 3. The organic solvent pollution of the upper friction body (weight) wrapped with white forest paper (or A4 white paper), the treatment of solvent leakage accidents, and the recovery of organic solvents. At the same time, it can be used to prepare fixatives, pesticides, fungicides, fish attractants, pesticide slow-release agents, ink and paper additives, oil mist filters Rubber modifier and other fine chemical products

osr type high tightening: the maximum force and tightening strength support leading enterprises to apply for national major special projects, technological transformation, provincial industrial transformation and upgrading and other policy support projects. The molecules of yield strength and elastic modulus equivalent organic solvent absorbers are three-dimensional cross-linked structures, which have the characteristics of large absorption capacity, fast absorption speed, good retention performance, oil absorption without water absorption, small size, convenient recovery and no leakage under pressure after absorption. It can not only replace the traditional absorption materials, but also is suitable for the treatment and recovery of organic solvents in the water environment

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