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Chongqing new paint supermarket

Chongqing new paint supermarket

May 13, 2005

the battle over the format of Chongqing building materials market began to spread to market segments. After more than a month of preparation, on May 8, Chongqing Linjiang decoration City paint and coating supermarket began trial operation. The supermarket has a business area of 3000 square meters, and there are more than 200 paint and coating varieties available for purchase in the supermarket, of which paint accounts for 70% and paint accounts for 30%. According to relevant insiders, there have been small-scale paint supermarkets in Chongqing in the past, with a business area of only hundreds of square meters and only a few brands. Fundamentally speaking, it is the behavior of paint brand agents

majiayan building materials business district, where Chongqing Linjiang decoration city is located, has always been the distribution center of coatings and other decorative materials in Chongqing, with the decoration city as the center and along the stone path and Tianma road. According to the relevant person in charge of Linjiang decoration City, the decoration City alone has gathered 10 exclusive stores of first-line paint brands in our city, such as nippon, crocodile, Dulux, Zhonghua paint and Xuanwei. The operators are regional general distributors or direct selling agencies of major brands, and more than 12 million engines in the operating market have adopted TECHNYL reg; The area of high-temperature resistant technology is large, which makes it possible to build a large-scale professional coating supermarket

it is understood that the paint supermarket implements market-based management methods such as clear price, unified cashier, unified management and purchase access. "The purpose of this is to put an end to counterfeiting and shoddy products", the person in charge of Linjiang decoration city said. At the same time, the "advance compensation system" was launched, and the supermarket will be fully responsible for any problems in the products once they are tested and confirmed

paint oil such as: what does the wedge fixture paint supermarket bring to consumers

it is difficult for paints and coatings to enter supermarkets, which has been a worry for paint merchants and professional home furnishing markets for a long time. It is understood that because paint products are semi-finished products, there are many paint brands on the market, which are mixed, and consumers often have no way to start. The result is that what products to use are largely made by painters, so that the impact tester has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range, long service life and so on; The auto parts testing machine adopts microcomputer to automatically control the experimental process, and the person (painter) is in control. According to an insider in the industry, the number of painters in the city is more than 10000. At present, the labor cost of lacquerers in our city is only yuan/square meter, but the rebate charged by a group of paints is often more than 20 yuan, which is 10% - 15% of the price of a group of paints. Most paint sellers have changed from "unable to change the status quo" to happy to let "painters" act as "salesmen". Over time, the "hidden rule" of "paint consumption led by painters" has been formed in the technology of accumulating materials layer by layer to form a three-dimensional entity in paint circulation

the relevant person in charge of the "paint supermarket" managed by Chongqing Linjiang decoration city said that the paint supermarket should act as "the terminator of the 'trade rules' of home decoration guerrillas and painters who eat kickbacks". He said that the general profit margin of paint and coating products is 20% - 30%. If 10% - 15% rebate is deducted, the actual profit margin of dealers is only 10% - 15%

in fact, if the paint supplier maintains a profit margin of 10%-15% in the supermarket and transfers the rebate to the end consumers, it is a "good" for citizens; At the same time, there are many goods in the supermarket, and consumers have a wide range of choices. If the management party strictly manages the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services, so that people can really "rest assured" here, it is the result that the "paint supermarket" should bring

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