The hottest new paint revitalizes the cliff stone

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New paint revitalizes Wuyi mountain cliff stone carvings

new paint revitalizes Wuyi mountain cliff stone carvings

December 5, 2012

[China can ask the repair department for paint information] as an important part of the world cultural and natural heritage, how to protect Wuyi mountain cliff stone carvings has become a problem to be solved. On the 4th, the Management Committee of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot revealed that the new paint developed by them in cooperation with Tongji University has been put into trial use, which can prolong the "life" of cliff stone carvings

it is reported that the large and small stone carvings engraved in Wuyi Scenic Area used to be more than 500 square meters, spanning more than 1700 years from Jin and Tang Dynasties to the Republic of China. They are known as "living fossils" and "living steles" for studying ancient Chinese calligraphy art ", but many stone carvings are gradually disappearing

According to the experts of Wuyi Scenic Area Management Committee, Wuyi Mountain belongs to Danxia landform. The rock mass is composed of sandstone, and the cement is carbonate and clay, which is brittle and low hardness. In addition, Wuyi Mountain has a mid subtropical climate, which is warm, rainy and humid all the year round, providing an excellent environment for the growth and reproduction of vegetation, mantle vine, moss, etc., in addition to a wide range of uses. "The protection of stone carvings is originally a worldwide problem, and the special landform and climatic conditions of Wuyi Mountain make it more difficult" molding characteristics

in 2010, the Management Committee of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot made a special project for the monitoring and protection of Wuyi mountain cliff stone carvings, and UNESCO also listed it as a special protection project and provided financial support. At present, the new paint, which took nearly two years to develop, has been put into trial use. More than 200 stone carvings have used the new paint, and the color of the paint is selected as China red

"this paint can be said to be customized for the Danxia landform of Wuyi Mountain." According to the relevant person in charge of the management committee, the new paint has been tested repeatedly in the laboratory, and the effect is very good at present, with remarkable effects in weathering resistance, water seepage prevention and so on

the protection project also starts to establish a protection information system for Wuyi mountain cliff stone carvings, which will provide three-dimensional laser scanning and high-resolution macro photography for all cliff stone carvings in the scenic area, and provide a more accurate basis for weathering changes for future protection

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