Hottest discharge counter test

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Discharge counter test

test whether all types of discharge counters operate normally It is applicable to the discharge action meter

arrester discharge counter tester

discharge counter action detection of various JS8, Js9 and other JS models of arresters. Test according to gb/t 531-1999 test method for Indentation Hardness of rubber pocket durometer; The tensile strength is due to poor sealing, and the discharge counter may enter moisture or moisture during operation, causing the internal components to rust, resulting in the failure of the discharge counter to operate normally. Therefore, the regulation stipulates that the discharge counter should be tested once a year

product features

small size and light weight

1. Please charge before use. In order to ensure the charging effect and prolong the service life of the battery, you need to use a specially equipped charger. It takes about hours for the empty battery to be fully charged, and the red light on the charger indicates that it is charging

2. Pull out the telescopic discharge rod appropriately according to the installation height of discharge counter fixture III

3. For the specially equipped grounding wire, one end of the plug is inserted into the jack at the tail of the calibrator, and the other end is clamped to the earth

4. Press the red button, turn on the high voltage for about 1 second, the indicator light is on (flashing), and then gently click the connecting end of the discharge counter and the lightning arrester to test

5. After each click, the end of the discharge rod should leave the counter. If you need to repeat the test, do not release the button. When the second indicator light flashes again, you can click the test again

6. Continuous testing will cause the calibrator to heat up. Please pay attention to the appropriate gap time. To reduce failures and extend battery life

7. The output of the calibrator is divided into three levels: high, automatic shutdown, medium and low, which can be adjusted by the toggle switch on the head to adapt to the testing of discharge counters of different types or brands

8. If the indicator light does not flash after pressing the button for more than 3 seconds, it means that the battery needs to be charged

9. Do not disassemble the calibrator at will

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