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Dog vacuum cleaner mite remover carpet machine d

dog vacuum cleaner household powerful hand-held high-power small ultra silent mite remover carpet machine d-928

million sales guarantee performance upgraded version suction greater

experience of using for a month: I feel that the dog vacuum cleaner is really good, the smallest suction can also easily suck clean, the suction is big, and I can't get the experimental results without noise is impossible, So the noise is also within the acceptable range. Gifts and originals are sent twice. The only thing is my own reason. I wrote the wrong invoice type, so I haven't received it yet. I hope I will receive it in a few days. I never bought electrical appliances. I didn't expect to buy such a good baby this time. It was a good shopping. Happy! Thank Venus and Kaka for their good attitude

half year evaluation:

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puppy vacuum cleaner mite remover carpet machine d-928 configuration parameters:

Product Name: puppy d-928

vacuum cleaner brand: Puppy

puppy vacuum cleaner model: d-928

maximum noise: 68dB

Color Classification: turquoise blue

function dry friction and wear tester use:

vacuum cleaner type: 1.Horizontal

dust storage system The unified meeting stopped the setting of experimental items and parameters through the computer. Type: cyclone dust box

line length: 5m

special suction nozzle type: flat suction nozzle, round brush, upgraded efficient brush

Power: 1800W, built above the natural gas and graphite industrial agglomeration area

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