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Double roll press dehydrator

key words: double roll press dehydrator; Black liquor extraction rate; Structure; Principle; Technical reference

according to the demand of extracting black liquor based on the principle of using the combination of extrusion diffusion replacement equipment, after many experiments, we have successfully developed a double roll press dehydrator (new double roll extruder), which has obtained a national patent. Patent No.: zl 9、ZL. 5. ZL fixture is an important factor for the success of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results 6。 This model is a series of products with production capacity of 30t/d, 50t/d and 120t/d. The 30t/d has been tested and applied in production in the paper mill, which has raised the workbench by about 10mm. The product quality supervision and Inspection Institute has tested the equipment, and Shandong paper industry research and Design Institute has checked the equipment. It passed the technical appraisal of new products on April 1st, 2001. Here is a brief introduction

1 working principle and structural features

the double roll press dehydrator is mainly composed of two synchronous and reverse rotating rollers installed in the pulp tank, a frame (pulp tank), a scraper, a screw conveyor, a transmission device and a control system (see Figure 1)

the surface of the roller is covered with stainless steel filter plates. The aperture of the filter plate is φ 1.6、 φ 2mm, users can choose according to their needs. There are 8mm wide grooves on the roll surface with an interval of 6mm. The groove is connected with the flow hole below, and the flow hole is evenly distributed along the circumference of the roll wall, which is convenient for the black liquor to flow away in time and quickly

the rack is not only installed on it for support, but also a slurry tank with good integrity. The lower part of the frame is in a circular arc, and a slurry inlet is reserved at the bottom. The front and rear scrapers peel the slurry on the front and rear pressing roller surfaces respectively. The material of the scraper is brass or polytetrafluoroethylene, which is wear-resistant and will not wear the filter. The tension device of the scraper adopts spiral and spring, which is easy to adjust and can ensure the stable stripping of the slurry. There are two sets of transmission devices, which drive two synchronous reverse rotating rollers and screw conveyors respectively

when the double roll press dehydrator is used for black liquor extraction, it should be installed behind the spray bin. The outlet of the spray bin is directly connected with the slurry inlet of the screw conveyor of the double roll press dehydrator, and the slurry is pushed into the slurry trough through the screw conveyor. 120t/d is to screen the coarse slurry from the spray bin through the vibrating frame screen, and then transport it to the slurry tank through the slurry pump. Because there is a certain pressure in the slurry tank, the black liquor enters the roller groove through the filter plate, and is concentrated from the flow hole to the black liquor channel, which is transmitted to the alkali removal recovery system. After the slurry passes through the dehydration area, it enters the crushing area. The concentration of the slurry after pressing and dehydration reaches about 30%. After the slurry is discharged, it is diluted by spraying water, and then it is connected in series with the next double roll press dehydrator, or it can be connected in series with other pulp washing machines for replacement washing. Finally, it is pressed and dehydrated by the double roll press dehydrator. The equipment can also be used for pressing and dewatering of pulp in bleaching or other sections

the transmission of the two pressing rollers of the double roll press dehydrator and the screw conveyor is completed by using the stepless speed regulating motor to drive the reducer. 120t/d is driven by hydraulic motor. Production capacity and pulp concentration can be adjusted. According to the needs, it can either have a slightly lower pulp concentration and a larger production capacity, or a slightly smaller production capacity and a larger pulp concentration, and it can also be adjusted to the best pulp concentration and production capacity

this machine is a high concentration press and dehydration equipment for pulp. It is suggested that a double roll extruder be used at the outlet of the spray bin to directly press and filter the concentrated black liquor, and then extract it in series with other equipment, which is reasonable

2 main technical parameters

2.1 30t/d double roll press dehydrator

(1) production capacity: (absolutely dry pulp) 15 ~ 30t/d

(2) pulp inlet concentration: 8% - 12%

(3) pulp outlet concentration: about 30%

(4) black liquor extraction rate: 50% - 75% for a single set, 70% - 85% for two sets in series, 80% - 95% for three sets in series

(5) press roll diameter: φ 610mm

is willing to strengthen cooperation with China on multilateral affairs such as climate change (6) working width: 1120mm

(7) adjusting distance between two pressure rollers: 0 ~ 22mm

(8) working distance between two pressure rollers: 18 ~ 22mm

(9) filter hole diameter: φ 1.6 、 φ 2mm

(10) roller speed: 6.7 people can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console 9 ~ 0.679r/min

Figure 1 double stick press dehydrator

(11) main motor: model yct225 ~ 4b, power 15kw, speed 1250 ~ 125r/min

(12) screw conveyor motor: model y-ct225 ~ 4b, power 15kw, Speed 1250 ~ 125r/min

(13) screw shaft speed: 125 ~ 12.5r/min

(14) equipment weight: 8552kg

(15) overall dimension (length × wide × Height): 5328MM × 2577mm × 1800mm

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