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Zhongtong Tianhong appeared at the 2016 China call center and enterprise communication conference

on April, 2016, the call center Enterprise Communication Expo China in Liaoning building, Beijing kicked off. The convergence and adjustment pointer gathers authoritative experts and scholars from all over Asia and even the world, professional IT manufacturers, and leaders and professionals in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer goods and other industries. It is a professional event that cannot be missed in the ICT industry

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during the two-day meeting, Zhongtong Tianhong fully displayed its products, including cloud communication, strategic call center outsourcing, call center self construction, communication resources and many other aspects. Many enterprises came to consult the call center and had in-depth discussions. Some customers also asked to visit the headquarters of Zhongtong Tianhong and the outsourcing base of the call center

Generally speaking, after more than 10 years of accumulation and precipitation, Zhongtong Tianhong now has four call center bases: Beijing Yuxin call center base, Hebei Shijiazhuang call center base, Shandong Yantai call center base, and Shanghai call center outsourcing base. With a total area of 8000 square meters, it can provide 2500 seats. At present, it has successfully served projects such as didi travel, Youku video, accompanying payment, fast money, and Hegu

photos of call center base

in this call center industry summit, tongtianhong shared and exchanged with guests, senior experts in the industry and people in various industries, discussed the experience of operation and management, and deepened the understanding of user experience. Both consulting products and visiting the enterprise outsourcing base have shown their recognition and appreciation for us

Zhongtong Tianhong will continue to flourish and play a positive role in promoting the call center industry, which will shine and heat for the domestic call center service industry

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