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Explore the "going out" of Chinese enterprises to accelerate the overseas development of construction machinery

explore the "going out" of Chinese enterprises to accelerate the overseas development of construction machinery

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with the acceleration of the "going out" pace of Chinese enterprises, the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises overseas is not only related to China, but also the focus of global attention. Recently, the first overseas sustainable development forum for Chinese enterprises, CO sponsored by the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, the research center of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the United Nations Development Programme, was held in Beijing. The participants discussed the opportunities, challenges and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises' going out

"Chinese enterprises' going out 'need to have a high degree of risk prevention awareness." Long Guoqiang, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, said at the forum that the infrastructure construction and interconnection of countries along the "the Belt and Road" have brought great opportunities for Chinese enterprises to invest and operate overseas. However, when enterprises see the opportunities, they also need to establish a risk management mechanism to meet the challenges of political and legal culture in different host countries

On December 17, 2016, the 2017 China Enterprise Overseas Development Summit Forum, jointly hosted by the global times and the China Industry Overseas Development Association and hosted by Xuanshi international cultural consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Beijing. The meeting invited authoritative guests from politics and business to discuss the theme of "Silk Road opportunities and corporate mission". Hu Xijin, general manager of the global times, and Zhenwei, Secretary General of the China Association for overseas industrial development, delivered opening speeches. Kong Linglong, former director of the foreign investment department of the national development and Reform Commission, and Zha Daojiong, Professor of international relations at Peking University, delivered keynote speeches. Representatives from overseas institutions in China, such as Norwich, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency of the world bank, the European Chamber of Commerce in China, and the Russia China Friendship Association, as well as enterprise representatives from Jiangtai insurance, Deloitte China, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yice international, held in-depth dialogues on the two topics of "China's opportunities at both ends of the Silk Road" and "China's experience in multinational development of enterprises"

Li Lin, deputy general manager of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., shared with the on-site entrepreneurs Liugong's experience in the process of "going out, which makes the original high-efficiency and energy-saving advantages of thermal insulation materials disappear". He said that the positioning, products, international talents, risk prevention, brand construction and other aspects of the enterprise in the process of going out are important factors for the overseas development of the enterprise

the following is the transcript of the speech:

first of all, I am very grateful to the global times for inviting me to come here to share with you some of Liu Gong's overseas experience, which is also some of our experience of industrial equipment manufacturing industry going abroad. Liu Gong is a 58 year old state-owned enterprise. From Guangxi in China's economically underdeveloped region, after more than 50 years of efforts, he is now in more than 130 countries around the world, We sell and promote our products all over the world through more than 240 overseas distributors. At the same time, we have our own manufacturing plants invested, acquired or jointly built by Liugong in India, Brazil, Argentina and Poland. By 2016, our overseas sales revenue has accounted for more than 30% of our total sales revenue. From Liugong in Guangxi to Liugong in the world, it comes from China. We have five experiences to share with you on the way out

first, aim high. In 2012, Liugong invested 300million yuan to acquire 100% of the shares of the civil engineering equipment enterprise subordinate to hiw company, a Polish military enterprise. When we acquired this enterprise at that time, we not only considered to acquire its products, technologies and channels, but also wanted to open the window for Chinese industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises to enter Europe through Poland and Eastern Europe. Therefore, Liu Gong has a strategic goal of high aspiration while globalization. We are not only limited to the gains and losses of one city and one place, because many Chinese enterprises are still blindly copying, which is quantitative copying. As a leading enterprise of China's construction machinery, Liu Gong is considering long-term development

second, worldwide products. As a leading enterprise of construction machinery, we consider that the development of enterprises still depends on solid technology and continuous innovation. Only when you have worldwide products can you go out with the European and American markets, not only considering emerging markets, but also some low-income markets. Now we are more focused on the European and American markets

third, international talents. In 2008, Liugong invested in India's first factory overseas, which is also the first factory invested by Chinese enterprises in India. After 8 years of development of lithium titanate as cathode material, the profitability of our enterprises in India and our sales performance have been greatly improved. At the same time, our Chinese personnel in India have increased from more than 30 to less than 10 now. In terms of management, we pay more attention to the localization and localization development of Liugong. Many enterprises have also proposed to do as the Romans do. We think it is better to start directly from localization

fourth, we must prevent and control risks. Liugong cooperates with some risk control enterprises such as China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, which is a guarantee for an enterprise to expand overseas

fifth, brand building. From the beginning, as a Chinese brand, to now, we strive to make Liugong a world brand. We have been working on the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by the current domestic brand of StarTech in the factory, which is not only in the investment of technology leaders and the research and development of products in the same industry, but also in the brand construction and global society

as Liugong is a national enterprise, you also know that the engineering manufacturing industry does not have some financial industries, such as some energy enterprises. It has a very large cash flow. We all rely on an iron plate and an iron plate to weld the machine. Therefore, as a Chinese made equipment enterprise, we also represent the image of the country in the global society

finally, Liu Gong's overseas development is also inseparable from the support and publicity of global media such as global times. I believe that Liu Gong will have more cooperation with this global media on the road of internationalization in the future. Thank you

On November 23, 2016, XCMG's fifth overseas dealer conference was held in Shanghai. XCMG and more than 400 dealer representatives from more than 70 countries gathered together to discuss development plans

at the meeting, XCMG summarized its overseas operations and made an in-depth interpretation of the future overseas development strategic planning, service and spare parts policies, new product promotion and other aspects. In addition, excellent overseas dealer representatives shared their successful operation experience, and gave feedback and professional discussion on the localization of regional markets, products and services

Mr. wangguiqing, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, pointed out in his speech that XCMG, the leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, has been adhering to, reforming and innovating for many years, bravely climbing the "Mount Everest" of construction machinery, accelerating the layout of global manufacturing bases, product localization and R & D, systematic construction of services and spare parts, and information construction, showing the world the strong strength of a Chinese brand

Mr. sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and chairman of the import and export company, pointed out in his speech at the meeting: since 2012, the global economy has continued to decline, the development speed of new economies has continued to slow down, especially China's economy has entered the "new normal", which has seriously affected the development of the construction machinery industry, resulting in a continuous downturn in the industry and has not yet reached the bottom. The construction machinery industry is facing a different global economy from the past, and the industry is facing great challenges. He also stressed that opportunities and challenges coexist - in the process of economic downturn, we can still see the acceleration of industrialization in Africa, the recovery of European and American economies represented by the United States, the accelerated growth of new economies in Southeast Asia, and the accelerated implementation of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, which is the most exciting. These are opportunities for the industry. XCMG needs to work together with dealers and is ready to go, Seize opportunities and achieve win-win results when the spring of the industry is coming

dealers said at the conference that XCMG is an enterprise that has a burden and does not need users' manual intervention. In the years of cooperation with XCMG, XCMG has never stopped supporting dealers in the boom or recession of the industry. In terms of product localization, financing, training, service and spare parts, XCMG has always put the needs of customers and dealers in the first place. As a synonym of Chinese construction machinery brand, XCMG is increasingly recognized and welcomed by global customers

in recent years, XCMG has continuously strengthened its support for dealers and made efforts to improve its post market service ability in the world. In 2015, XCMG carried out overseas service bank activities in 26 countries along the line in response to the national "the Belt and Road" strategic call, and delivered free equipment testing, maintenance, personnel training and other services to overseas customers, which received unanimous praise from customers; In 2016, XCMG and Sinopec jointly developed and launched XCMG's special oil products for the world, providing meticulous quality assurance for hundreds of thousands of XCMG equipment running around the world

the successful convening of this annual meeting with the theme of "cooperation, innovation and win-win" indicates that XCMG group will further its cooperation with overseas dealers, and will jointly explore new cooperation modes and work together to shape XCMG's brand in the world. XCMG will work together with dealers around the world to provide better products and better services for customers around the world and achieve win-win results

complete set of solutions, beyond service, win-win cooperation - Shandong Lingong overseas major customer business bank

the 2016 BMW Shanghai exhibition has come to an end. Affected by the international economic situation, the proportion of overseas customers visiting the exhibition has changed significantly compared with previous years. The intended customers of the exhibition have shifted from Russia and other Eastern European countries to Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries. With the gradual expansion of temporary work brand influence in Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other major customers have significantly increased their intention to seek to become temporary work dealers. Different from the decrease of overseas customers, domestic import and export trade and international procurement customers have increased significantly compared with previous years. Different types of machinery export enterprises actively seek partners in order to achieve win-win results

Shandong Lingong import and Export Co., Ltd. also took the opportunity of BMW 2016 to successfully hold an overseas major customer business conference with the theme of "care, endless". A total of more than 70 key interested major customers from dealers directly under it from more than 20 countries around the world attended the conference, and felt the comprehensive strength of Lingong group and its commitment to customer care on the spot

the fair closely focused on "care, endless", and showed the brand advantages, R & D advantages, product advantages and service advantages of Lingong group to overseas major customers from the aspects of complete sets of solutions, beyond services, win-win cooperation, etc., further strengthening the customers' recognition and confidence in the comprehensive strength and various products of Lingong group.

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