Hottest double temperature heating sealer

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Double temperature heating sealer

double temperature heating sealer relates to the improvement of the structure of the electric heat sealer used for sealing plastic bags of liquid flexible packaging machine. The side plane (8) of the hot pressing seat (1) of the utility model is axially provided with a groove (7) with a semicircular cross-section (8) on the side plane (8) of the hot pressing seat (1) and the groove (7), an insulating layer (3) is arranged in the side plane (8) of the hot pressing seat (1), and an electric heating wire (4) is fixed in the groove (7) with an insulating layer (3), The sealing of plastic bags that can be pressurized and sealed back and forth is also a common mechanical test. In the physical dispersion state, it is fully mixed with polymers, and the pressing block (5) is arranged on the side of the hot pressing seat (1). The utility model has two sealing opportunities when sealing, one is hot pressing sealing, and the other is electric heating wire sealing, which solves the problem of electrothermal and current pulse heating to improve the quality in the detection process (reduce human interference), reduce the working intensity of the experimenter, and solve the problem of unstable quality when the sealing of the hot pressing and cold cutting sealer is dissolved, and the sealing and cutting of the hot pressing and cold cutting sealer are completed twice, and the sealing cannot be less than 10 μ M thick plastic bags. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing effect, simultaneous sealing and cutting, and stable and reliable sealing quality

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