Hottest domestic PE market on October 12, 2015

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Analysis of domestic PE market on October 12, 2015

WTI crude oil November futures in the United States closed up $0.20, or 0.40%, at $49.63/barrel on Friday (October 9), up nearly 9% this week, reaching an 11 week high. In London, Brent crude oil futures for November ended down $0.40, or 0.75%, at $52.65 a barrel on Friday, up more than 9% this week, the largest weekly gain in six weeks

last Friday, the ring terminal of P harness was hung on the pull table near the center of the pull plate, and the market price of E was slightly higher. Although petrochemicals has frequently raised prices to support the market, it has insufficient follow-up of terminal demand, low enthusiasm for procurement, general intention to cover positions, and it is mainly cautious to wait and see. Due to the fixed connection mode, it is difficult to improve the solid offer transaction. Polyethylene 1601 contract opened at 8490 on Friday, rising to the highest price of 8730, the lowest price of 8455, and closed at 8665. It closed at the yangk line, up 250 points or 2.97% compared with the trading day before the holiday, and the settlement price was 8595. Judging from the position situation, short positions in 1601 contract slightly dominate. Linear futures opened higher, boosting the trading atmosphere in the market, and merchants followed with a small increase. The mainstream price in the market is: HDPE (5000S) quoted at yuan/ton; The quotation of LDPE (2426h) is RMB/ton; LLDPE (7042) offers RMB/ton in North China, RMB/ton in East China and RMB/ton in South China

stimulated by crude oil, the ethylene market as a whole has rebounded slightly recently. With the recent continuity of polyethylene futures, the end demand has increased, and more and more users are strong. It is predicted that the short-term PE market will fluctuate upward, but the range is limited. Affected by the overall continuous downward trend of the plastic sector since the third quarter, the long-term plan points out that the old weaknesses in key development areas are difficult to attack

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