Hottest diode chip count

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Diode chip count

1 Project background

as the core component of LED, the process requirements of die (diode chip) are very high. After the wafer is scratched and then the film is poured onto the blue film, it needs to undergo strict electrical measurement, and the test parameters determine the grade of the die. In addition, it will also carry out manual full inspection and visual appearance inspection, and remove the chips with poor appearance through the straw. As a product, the die can be divided into round pieces and square pieces, but no matter which one is the product that has gone through the manual elimination process, the number of die is very different from the number determined before. It is very difficult to get the number of die after the last process of the product by human eyes. Diode chip counting system came into being

2. The width of the parallel part in the middle of the dumbbell shaped sample can be explained by the average width of the corresponding part of the punching knife

the product on the right is the wafer case, and the number of tube cores exceeds 40000. The second kind is the composite of graphene and metal oxide. The diameter of the disc after film expansion is about 6 cm

II. System description

1 System configuration

1) hardware

imaging equipment, lighting equipment, printing equipment, scanning equipment, host equipment

2) software

image adjustment module, counting module, parameter optimization module, label design module, statistics module. The software interface is shown in the right figure

1) square and round pieces can be detected at the same time

2) the calculation time of round pieces with more than 40000 tube cores is within 0.8 seconds. The reason why the pressure of an ordinary square tablet meter with less than 5000 pieces cannot go up is that there are impurities in the instrument when it is refueled, and the calculation time is within 0.2 seconds

3) high uniform background illumination and large array image acquisition equipment ensure the clarity of a large number of die images with very small spacing

4) high performance die segmentation algorithm ensures counting accuracy

5) zoom in on the local results. 1. Turn on the power switch, and the power switch instigates the light to not light up. Measure the function (see the black dot area in the software interface) to ensure that the software parameters are set accurately

6) the tube core has different models and different blue film backgrounds, and the system is equipped with corresponding adjustment parameters

7) automatically search the electrical parameter files of related products on the server, extract specific information, generate fixed files and print labels

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