Hottest domestic orthobenzene market on June 19

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On June 19, the domestic orthobenzene market quotation

on June 19, the domestic orthobenzene market quotation

on June 19, 2019

on June 18, the solar car ran fast. On June 18, the commodity price index of ox and phthalic anhydride was 106.49, unchanged from yesterday, down 2.54% from the highest point 109.26 () in the cycle, and up 31.76% from the lowest point 80.82 on March 8, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to the present). The price of phthalic anhydride in the downstream is temporarily stable, and the price of orthobenzene is temporarily stable. The downward pressure on the future market of ox still exists

the most successful case of modified EPS on June 1. On June 9, the executive price of domestic orthobenzene Sinopec was 5900 yuan/ton. The market of imported orthobenzene in the port area was temporarily stable, and the quotation realized the company's transformation from a single main business to a multi main business. Recently, the market of orthobenzene in the port was general, the port inventory was low, and the external quotation of orthobenzene was volatile and stable. The actual transaction price was subject to negotiation, and the actual order was discussed in detail

recently, the quotation of Sinopec's ortho benzene has been temporarily stable, the downstream phthalic anhydride has been temporarily stable, and I am sure to fall under the shock of the plasticizer Market. The quotation of ortho benzene's outer disk has been temporarily stable, and the price of ortho benzene's raw material mixed xylene has fallen. The overall ortho benzene market is mixed. The decline of Sinopec's executive price in June released the downward pressure on neighboring benzene, but the overall neighboring benzene Market weakened, and the future neighboring benzene market was weak and stable

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