Hottest domestic plastic raw material market trend

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This week, the domestic plastic raw material market trend

various varieties of PE market rose and fell. Now, the northern agricultural film factory is gradually starting to operate, the demand is increasing, and the enthusiasm of middlemen is high. With the cooperation of petrochemical price hike, northern linear rose by 200 yuan/ton this week. In terms of high and low voltage, due to abundant market resources, demand has not improved, and prices have fallen significantly. The performance of low-pressure membrane is particularly poor. After the introduction of the National Plastic restriction order, the purchase volume of factories has been reduced, and the operating enthusiasm of dealers has been reduced. In Asia, the overall demand of HDPE wire drawing market is general, and the transaction is relatively light. LDPE film suppliers have successively issued the latest offers, but due to the general demand, the transaction atmosphere is flat. At present, the offer level of intermediate merchant ships is uneven, but most merchants are not in a hurry to sell and have a strong wait-and-see intention. The high crude oil level supported the PE market. With the expansion of demand in March, its output characteristics also showed a ladder shape. The e market should be bullish, while the downstream demand of HDPE is poor, the overall confidence is insufficient, and the transaction is normal and weak. Traders wait and see the market trend, and it is expected that the market will be stable next week. The PS market is flat. The manufacturer maintains a stable sales strategy, and the ex factory price remains at the pre holiday level. However, due to the low operating rate of downstream factories, the recent shipment situation is not ideal, while the merchant quotation is basically stable, the trading atmosphere is light, the buyer's purchase interest is insufficient, the transaction is rare, and the demand starts slowly. Some manufacturers increased their ex factory quotations under cost pressure, but most of them still held a wait-and-see situation. Some traders pushed back the expectation of market improvement from March. So at present, whether the PS market demand can recover as soon as possible becomes the key. The drawing atmosphere in PP market is cold. Recently, there are few drawing material resources in North China market, and the prices in some regions have fallen. In South China market, the factory commencement has been affected due to the power restriction policy, and the prices have remained low. Although the international crude oil price hit a new high, it has little effect on the market. The outer market will still maintain the situation of the upper reaches forcibly pulling prices. The sensitivity of the index is poor, and the future market will continue to be dominated by stalemate. At present, the market demand is gradually improving, and the traders' attitude towards the market is acceptable. The market will continue to improve next week, and the possibility of a slight rise cannot be ruled out. During the steady loading process of the PVC market, the pointer of the abetting load value and the abetting volume of the loading speed abettor should always keep rising synchronously, and the local arrival has increased slightly, and the price is still high and stable. The transaction situation rose, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. At present, the supply of goods in the market is relatively small, and the market has been rising all the way after the festival, but the market demand has a good performance, and the market transaction is good. Due to the rapid recovery of transportation and chlor alkali enterprises, the supply of PVC waterproof coiled material gb12952 (2) 003 in the market is gradually increasing. Affected by the high oil price and the reduction of high-end supply caused by the maintenance of some ethylene process manufacturers from this month, PVC warehouse receipts are expected to be consolidated at a high level with slight fluctuations

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