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Nordic style is famous for its simplicity, which has influenced later styles such as "Minimalism", "Minimalism" and "postmodernism"

Nordic style is famous for its conciseness, which has influenced later styles such as "Minimalism", "Minimalism" and "postmodernism". Minimalism pursues simplicity to the extreme. It is a design style. It is simple and tidy in sense, and more elegant in taste and thought. Today, follow Chongqing Shangjia wooden door to see how to build a pure Nordic style home

1. Basic tone: White + Black + log color

Nordic style homes are spacious and bright. Light illuminates the whole home through large windows, and large white makes the room brighter and cleaner. If you want to pretend to be Nordic style, you need to leave a lot of white space, grasp the relationship between black and white and gray, and then add a few pieces of furniture or floors in log color, so that the basic colors of Nordic style come out ~

2. There should be a simple clothes hanging area

Nordic style homes often set up an open clothes hanging area, which can be hung and placed as soon as you enter the door. It's really convenient

3. Principle of placing items: refuse trivial

the placement of items should also be simple, clean and atmospheric, so glassware is a good choice

4. The multi-purpose rule of chairs

many Nordic interior designs like to place some simple but designed chairs as bedside tables, and then put green plants, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly ~

5. Essential green plants and a touch of bright colors

Nordic style will never be without the ornament of green plants, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful! Blue household products are embellished with monotonous colors, bringing visual beauty. Choosing bright colors can make your home more energetic

6. The eye-catching effect of decorative paintings

in Nordic home decoration, decorative paintings can play the eye-catching effect, and simple abstract paintings are full of style

7. The bathroom color should be fresh

the color of the toilet wall and floor tiles should be distinguished. One uses basic white, and the other can choose colored tiles to add a sense of color

8. Open kitchen is the most popular

the most common kitchens in Nordic style are open kitchens, and there are delicious restaurants next to the kitchen. The good time of afternoon tea can be easily realized at home

9. There is always a carpet in the bedroom

whether it is an adult room or a children's room, a warm carpet is always necessary in Nordic style home decoration. When it is paved on the ground, the atmosphere is immediately rendered

10. Of course, Shangjia white wooden door is indispensable.

the Nordic style is represented by light colors, in which white is the main color, and Shangjia white wooden door can fully meet the personality exclusivity of Nordic style. Shangjia white wooden door takes white simplicity as the main line. Its simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is an extension of design and ideas after careful consideration, rather than simple "stacking" and light "placement". Shangjia white wooden door meets people's perceptual and instinctive needs for the space environment in a simple form of expression

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